Dresses For Winter 2017 Meet the Outfits

The fashion is in a versatile and democratic proposal for dress for winter, skirts and other pieces of the feminine wardrobe. And by 2017, many new features come to give you a fashion full of style and beauty.

Dresses follow the trend of the 20s, 40s and 70s, and they have marked shoulders as well as waistline, and deep and bold necklines, and you can bet on long models, for sure.

Samsung’s Tablet Overheating Makes Flight Change Route

A Delta Airlines flight that traveled from Detroit (in the United States) to Amsterdam (in Holland) had to divert its way because of the overheating of a Samsung tablet belonging to one of the passengers. With the detour, the flight landed in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Jewellery to Handicrafts: Dragonfly Necklace

The fine Dragonfly jewelry, a necklace with matchingEarrings, DaWanda designer has lovingly designed.

Material: Chain (sold by the meter) toggle clasp binding rings rivet pin (min. 4 cm long) ear hook metal element with 2+1 loops 3 flat Howlithperlen (12 mm) 3 vials from Metal (17, 5mm long)

Eight Pin-Ups Plus Size Brazil to Meet and Be Inspired

Be chubby assumed these days, in addition to a great exercise of self-esteem, is, in a sense, a way to join the Plus Size culture like lifestyle and female empowerment. This culture that is not only stylish, but also behaviour, often judged and neglected by the mainstream media and society, signed to a standard slim beauty.

The term Plus Size (literally, larger size) emerged in the mid-70 in the United States, initially related to fashion, as a way to label larger sizes, from the number 44, which would be outside of the “ideal standard of beauty”, a concept that affects mainly women. In the present day, in the midst of so many social revolutions, the term is over, literally, taking shape and gaining space as a cultural movement, becoming practically a flag against the beauty industry.

[News] Whatsapp WINS Support For Smart Watches

The Whatsapp can dominate the clocks soon. How? The messaging application received an update this Saturday (30) and is compatible to the Android operating system, Wear Smart Watches from Google. With the new users will be able to view notifications without having to take the smartphone of your pocket and still respond to voice messages.

Audiovisual Market Bets On Smartphones

In 2016, were produced 143 feature in Brazil, according to historical record, The national cinema. Industry event starts today, in the

River-the Executive producer of the documentary ‘ O.J.: Made in America, which led to the Oscar statuette of 2017, John Dahl is just one of the attractions of RioContentMarket, largest event of the audiovisual market of Latin America. In your seventh edition, the meeting begins this morning at the Hotel Windsor in Barra. Will be three days of meetings, lectures and, especially, business perspective.