Onavo, Controls and Limits The Consumption of Data Easily

One of the things necessary to have a terminal with Android is to have a data plan because we want to or not, data traffic is constant. However, we must be careful, because in the majority of cases it slows us data once past this limit, and sometimes it makes us check by blocks or bytes in increasing the price of the fare. For those who want to watch our consumption of data we have Onavo, a manager that helps us to control this consumption.

LG Will Bring out an Automatic Converter 3D for Games

Few manufacturers are those who today still not have signed up to the fashion of the three dimensions, and there is the future or not, since LG seem to bet strong by this new technology.

With 3D Game Converter, the South Koreans have become the first company that creates software, helped by an OpenGL engine, serves to convert any game created in 2D to 3D, to take advantage of the LG Optimus 3D autostereoscopic 3-d display.

Carcassonne for Android: My Kingdom for a Piece

‘Carcassonne’, another game slipstream (independent one that slipped between the commercial best seller), has its Android, as well as ‘Settlers of Catan’ version. In fact, although they have different distributor, both games have been developed by the same Studio, Exozet, so you will notice many similarities between the two.

Sygic GPS Navigation: Maturity Becomes Sygic Aura

Today we will continue our analysis of GPS navigators with the latest departure from the known Sygic factory, the Sygic GPS Navigation, better known as Aura.

Sygic GPS Navigation is a car kit with maps offline browser He pointed to the current of this type of application business model, which is none other that allow a free installation of the application and the payment by the different maps that we want to download.

A New Installment of The Game Modern Combat Will Come to Android

Gameloft is a developer of video games marketed their games on all current mobile platforms, including the smartphone with Android. Your general catalogue is very extensive and you can FPS-style games (first person shooter) really well finished, squeezing the possibilities of your mobile or Android tablet, although almost always demanding that they have a processor with Tegra 2. From your catalog it comes Moderm Combat 3: Fallen nation, a new installment of the series that will invade the Android Market to end of 2011 and I will fight with all their weapons by becoming the best-selling.

Swype Beta, Available The New Version with Important Improvements

Swype is possibly one of the alternative systems for writing on a touch screen that most revolutionized the industry, proposing a method that we didn’t have to lift your finger from the screen, improving and speeding up the writing on the mobile and the tablet. Many of you also think alike and we have been closely following this application, as many times as it has been available any to download and test Beta version. This time have come back to release a new Beta that promises good improvements.

Update of The Application from Android Market List for Install by Hand (Updated)

Through Android Police, we learned that, once more, has become to filter the new Android Market Update until it is available in an official way. This would be the version 3.1.3 and for those who still we followed with the official version of the Market (since the previously filtered version gave problems), we will discover how changed everything considerably to better. Get ready to discover the new interface and use, in addition to enhancements install this new Market to start enjoying it already.

Four Games to Enjoy on Your Android

This time we are going to add a comment four games very different with those who can exploit your skills and reflexes in your Android: Noogra Nuts, Reckless Racing, Baseball Superstars 2 and Tank Hero. All can be played perfectly on your mobile as on the tablet, although some will enjoy better in a larger screen. Recharge the battery of your Android because fun is guaranteed.

Five Applications Essential Android for a Developer

Once we speak of the five essential applications for a computer, today we want to talk about which they consider essential for a developer. We add this new five essential applications to the above mentioned.

In this selection you can find both with a Code Editor as with applications that help us in reference manual. In addition to a Android UI component catalog to implement in our own application, which we see in action and get an idea before developing nothing.

SteamBirds, a Strategy Game of Aircraft on Your Android

We like to play with your mobile phone and there is more and better games, but above all more variety. Today recommend a very addictive game of war. SteamBirds is a game of turn-based strategy, where the stage will be the 1st and 2nd World War and more specifically its airspace. Mission mission will have to fight your enemies to become a legend of heaven. Grab the controls and prepares your strategy because we go on war.