ASUS MeMO Pad: Jelly Bean Tablet For $149

Asus has the 7 inch Tablet MeMO pad announced today, a kind of entry-level variant of the nexus 7. In one thing, it is the Google Tablet but superior.

The first Google tablet ASUS nexus 7, last year released mid is, is memory basically a beginner tablet, there’s the simplest equipment with 16 GB and no 3 G for just $199 or euros over the counter goes. Who is still too much money, which could be perhaps MeMO pad happy with the ASUS, ASUS has today introduced. There is a measly $ 149 namely in the 8-GB version, however you must make do with a weaker technology.

Standard SIM, Micro Sim, Or Nano-Sim: You Need The Sim Card For Which Phone?

It is quite clear that you need a SIM card to make phone calls with his cell phone. But which SIM card you need for which phone? Meanwhile, there are several sizes which do not fit into any mobile phone or Smartphone . If you have a SIM card, must choose between a cell phone contract and a prepaid card. 7 mobile tells you which SIM card you will need for your mobile phone.
SIM cards are used to get access to the wireless network. Without these cards, it is not possible to make a call. There are two types of SIM cards: prepaid cards or cards that belongs to a mobile phone with runtime

The Our site Smartphone Leaderboard Winter 2012/2013

Still the winter has us firmly in the hand, but the spring is not far away. It’s time to present our top-10 of this season. Three new devices have it in the top 10 one of them managed to very successfully.

  1. (new):Sony Xperia Z

Sony makes serious and brings a FullHD Smartphone starting tomorrow as the first manufacturer ever to Germany, which still boasts a rocket Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad-core processor, glass coating, dust and water protection and a 13-megapixel camera with Sony RS sensor. The top spot gets the Smartphone ultimately thanks to the expected Android 4.2.2 update end of March.

  1. (1)Samsung Galaxy touch 2(Samsung Galaxy touch 2 LTE ))

The Samsung Galaxy note 2 must indeed give the place in the Sun, is still one of the best smartphones on the market. The excellent and huge 5.5 inch SuperAMOLED HD-display (1,280 x 720 pixels) now has a RGB matrix, which makes the appearance of even sharper and brighter. The quad-core processor provides fast performance and also the software offers new specials such as the “air”view-Preview.

  1. (2)Samsung Galaxy S3(Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE)

The Galaxy S3 continues to be the best overall package for all, the Xperia Z or note 2 is too large. Top hardware coupled with extensive facilities including an optional high speed Internet make for a great Android experience, now as 4.1 jelly bean exists. Samsungs brought Premium Suiteupdate in December also new camera features, multi-Windows features and a new reader on the S3.

  1. (3)Apple iPhone 5

The device was according to Strategy Analytics with 27.4 million of units sold worldwide the most successful smartphone in the fourth quarter of 2012, followed by the Apple iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3. In the faster, taller and thinner now, iPhone 5 but prevent annoyances such as Apple maps in iOS 6, which is a missing full LTE coverage for Germany and the housing defects of first models better placement.

  1. (4)HTC one X +

The one X + puts it on the already excellent HTC one X again a and makes your Smartphone faster and sustained. Also, you have now properly-plenty of space for multimedia apps on request with 64 GB. Next on board: the first-class 4.7 “-SuperLCD2-IPS display with natural colours and 1a-viewing angle stability.”

  1. (new)Asus Padfone 2

Already, the Smartphone of new Padfones technology is a fine piece, because it combines a brilliant 4.7 inch HD IPS screen, strong 1.5 GHz quad-core power, LTE, and a 13-megapixel camera that can record up to 100 consecutive shots. Also in terms of design, Smartphone such as Tablet are top. If the tablet display would now still higher than dissolve with 1,280 x 800 resolution, a higher placement quite in it would have been.

  1. (5)Nokia Lumia 920

With the Lumia 920, Nokia has introduced the best Windows phone of all time on the market. The device is full of innovations, such as the PureView camera module equipped with springs, the highly sensitive touch screen and the Wireless charging possibilities. Downer is the slightly chunky design.

  1. (6)LG nexus 4

Actually we have expected fixed – flagship, the LG Optimus G for the winter list an other LG, that wait can be but still on. For this the nexus 4 is with high resolution display, fast quad-core processor and the latest Android further interesting part, 4.2 convinced jelly bean. With the price of €299 (EIA) in the Google play store, the Smartphone to do so is significantly cheaper than the competition, what caused a quick sell off at the launch. Only since the end of January, the availability is better in this country again.

  1. (new)Sony Xperia V

While the Xperia has a quad-core processor, no full HD and one V only 8 GB small Flash memory – but LTE, dust and water protection to IP55/IP57, 13 megapixel Exmor R camera and a bright, brilliant 4.3-inch display make the top-10 entry.

  1. (9)HTC 8 X

The Windows phone 8 flagship of HTC is a design piece of cake. Thanks to HTC one X (+)-display, good ultra wide angle front – and rear-view camera and beats audio sound make it the Smartphone as opposed to the new competitor Samsung Ativ S just one more time in the top 10.


The spring top 10 in may 2013 will have it in themselves: then probably the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One, the Blackberry Z10 and even the mysterious next Google Smartphone Motorola X who fight on top of the Sony Xperia Z veilleicht.

Update: Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Sleek High-End Tablet Officially Unveiled

Update (21.01.2013): The Sony Xperia Tablet Z has been announced today for the Japanese market. The only 6.9 mm deep and therefore thinnest tablet ever come there in the course of the spring in the shops. Still the info that it is square the FullHD screen a “reality display” with up to 500 candelas per m joined by the already known equipment features. The 8.1 megapixel back camera has an Exmor-R-chip. An NFC module is also installed. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z to appear in black and white, as well as unknown as the international availability at what price.

The 10.1 inch device will be presented on Tuesday. It will come up with a top-facilities and be slimmer than all other tablets.

Update: Samsung Galaxy Touch 8.0: Presentation At MWC

Update (22.01.2013): Samsung’s mobile-CEO JK Shin a presentation of Samsung Galaxy touch 8.0 at MWC today announced. The Samsung Galaxy S4 would at the fair, which will be held late February in when enter, however, cannot be seen, Shin explained. Tell how Korean media iNews24. In addition, a first alleged photo of the tablets has surfaced, which apparently comes from a display. If the image is genuine, that is oriented Samsung Galaxy touch 8.0 design technically more on the Samsung Galaxy S3 as mostSamsung Galaxy touch 10.1.

Is The Samsung Galaxy S4: octa-core, Full Hd And Mega-Smart!

The Galaxy S4 was presented Thursday night in New York. There are jelly bean and an abundance of software gimmicks as expected with a 4.99-inch super Amoled-FullHD display, Android 4.2.

Samsung a decent show performed at Radio City Music Hall to New York and presented the features of the S4 at a very fast pace, from a software gimmick, it went to the next, with dozens of actors and Samsung employees and-Chefs alternately.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes anyway, with the specs gemunkelten already for a long time and will be released end of April with us, yet no prices were mentioned. It’s like a 4.99 inch full HD display is obstructed, that ppi has a pixel density of 441. This can be controlled like the Nokia Lumia 920 even when wearing gloves. Under the

Huawei Ascend W1: Cheaper Windows Phone 8 Beginner Is Coming

The technique is at the level of an entry-level smartphones, but thanks to the good processing and probably very reasonable price, Huawei’s first WP model Ascend W1 definitely is worth a look.

The Huawei Ascend W1 became apparent at CES in Las Vegas, then you could convince yourself until day before yesterday, Saturday, at the CeBIT at the Microsoft booth of the beginners.

The Smartphone should appear for €219 late March or early April at us, what would be the cheapest so far Windows phone 8 device. So far, the Nokia Lumia 620 €269 EIA held this “record”. The W1, which is the first Windows phone device from Huawei , could drive good reviews mainly for his appearance. So the British side PCPro, explains the

Android 5.0: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 And Note 2 Yes, s2 (Plus) No

GSM arena has yesterday received information according to which the current Samsung flagships at least Android 5.0 key lime pie, the S2 and the S3 mini in 4.2.2, jelly bean but is final.

Still, the info with caution is to enjoy, because there is no official source. Yet is the one or the other user, who is recently a Samsung Galaxy S2 plus or a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini too has laid over this news be not happy. Because the blog GSM arena has played to get information, stating that these and many more – current part – Samsung smartphones already will get no other version updates of Google OS jelly bean for the currently latest Android version 4.2.2.

Samsung Galaxy S4: In the East Nothing New

The rumor mill had bubbling, what keeps this stuff, it was hoped once again to the Smartphone of all smartphones.But after the performance in New York disillusionment became bask at the end rather. Cope?
The Samsung Galaxy series is in addition to the iPhones from Apple the most successful smartphone series at all. In January, the Samsung Galaxy S3 reached the 40-million mark, overall had gone up to the time 100 million Galaxy S devices over the counter. According to great expectations put the fans in the new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4before it saw last Thursday in the Radio City Music Hall the light of the world.

Huawei Ascend G615: Quad-Core Power To a Budget Price

The Ascend G615 competes with the nexus 4 quad-core processor with HD display for €299. Only the inconspicuous design and an outdated Android version diminish the impression a little, this one has saved in the internal memory.

The Chinese Huawei blow (again) to attack the great: with the Ascend G615 they announced today a superclasses Smartphone, that mere €299 will cost just coming early March with us in the market. The Smartphone boasts with an in-house “Hisilicon K3V2”-on quad-core processor, which pulses with 1.4 GHz and is supported by a 1 GB large memory. The 4.5-inch display dissolves in HD and offers an impressive pixel density of 326 ppi. In this regard which resolves with 1,280 x 768 pixels at 4.7 inch screen size and so on 318 ppi comes beats the nexus 4’s just.