Massimo Dutti: Continue with The Predictable Lookbooks, This Time It’s Up to The Month of November

Lately the Massimo Dutti lookbooks they are too Massimo Dutti. And that is not to say that they are worse or better, simply see that they have grown too accustomed to his creative line and I see little innovation in their collections. Many dark colors, sober designs, figures well built but little innovation with the outfits, the forms and much less with the textures: quilting, knitting and corduroy from time to time.

Minimalism between Turquoise for The New Development of COS Spring/Summer 2012

COS (Collection of Style) It is not only the pija and capricious sister of H & M, but it has also been placed at the head of the list of signatures that are committed by the more sober and geometric minimalism on the current scene. Their clothes are always characterized by that neatness in shapes and cutouts that make them a genuine showcase of more experimental and functional tailoring, but that other, much more caring for the quality and the details that H & M that for something costs almost triple.

For this spring is coming, progress continues along the same creative path even though it has decided to build its collection mainly in a range of hues: the light blue, Aquamarine and turquoise. Thus, take look back at a trend of past seasons but updating it with a strong geometric character.

No doubt the blue is a very flattering colour for the looks. Loose-fitting jackets, extremely geometric cuts single breasted and English neck combined with pants shank straight shooting.

The same philosophy with the Blazers, in shades of Turquoise, Tuxedo collars and pockets of plastran which is combined with a game with the same collar shirt, white, and pants shank straight shooting. Last classical English style shoes do not say for now much in their favor.

You can opt for total looks in blue, varying tones. First a trench three quarters in single breasted indigo tones, then jeans straight shot in shades of Turquoise and to contrast this, shirt collar button in blue sky.

Although personally I think that the best way to take advantage of the turquoise pants is combined with darker shades: either chose one bomber in sober Navy Blue and small, contrasting with #8230 & shirt in sky blue single breasted;

… either one of the t-shirts in geometric patterns and mineral (playing with the turquoise and aquamarine) in the same tone but something darker than the trousers.

The latter also combine well with earthy shades or camel as the suit to two parts in color camel figure.

Other options that we have left is to bet for darker colors as the blue sea, in the form of simple and structured Blazers minimalist breasted and passes almost unnoticed & #8230;

… or throw us head to blacks, with total looks more sports-based jackets and pants to game point and the absence of details (cold spring)

We can introduce something of Chunky knit in jerseys…

… or directly to bet by the Classic two piece suits point washing combined with ideal without tie neck button shirts.

Coats That Set The Trend This Fall-Winter 2011 / 2012. Special Low Cost (III)

Coat military Topman O-I 11-12 & #8217;

The search of the perfect coat It is no easy task, in fact you will need more than one model that fits with your personal style and your daily needs. To help you in this quest this season autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 we have prepared several special.

Treat Small High before Christmas: Givenchy T-Shirt

Yes, close to Christmas, so we have to take to think about us until all our budget is dedicated completely to our loved ones. We are in the perfect date to give us that last caprichito before leaving our account in red numbers because of Santa Claus and the Magi.

Zara Evening: The Perfect Lookbook to Dress These Christmas

After having seen the lookbook of Zara Young Evening, with proposals more social and informal for this Christmas, I am sure that many of you you may ask where you have gone into two parts, the blazers, the tuxedo suits and neckties and bow ties. As well, calm and that no panic because Zara He has also released another lookbook one more public-oriented adult, sober and classic that looks all have their place: Zara man evening.

The Time Came to Ask Him: Is Near The Day of The Skirts for Men?

I know. It is a debate in which it is better not to enter, but I want to do it. I want to know what he thinks the audience that reads Jezebel man about the possibility in the near or distant future (discard the present as an option) to male skirt. Skirt and male in the same sentence?

Coats That Set The Trend This Fall-Winter 2011 / 2012. Special Low Cost (IV)

H.E. classic coat by Mango o-I 11/12

In this latest installment of the Special coats We propose in last list of outerwear which are setting trends, such as the feathered creatures, the classical models and the pea coat, and the coats of tartan, three trends that are betting firms street and the large retail chains. If you miss any of the specials in the first and second part we show you trends catwalk, and the third of this monograph the first ranking of low-cost shelters.

The Swedish Giant Surprises with a New Collaboration. Marni for H & M This Spring 2012

We are still assimilating the last great collaboration of the Swedish giant with Versace, which we have both spoken, and we have a new capsule collection. This time it will be Marni, Casa italiana founded and directed by Consuelo Castiglioni, the new firm invited a collection for next spring 2012.

Military Style Is Still Present This Summer

When the military trend It seemed that it was about to be completed, come the men most stylish of all the Milan fashion week to break with this forecast. Many of the participants to the Milanese parades have bet against than we thought by this trend that it seemed that he was going to die once end of winter.