Hats with Ears and Paws

In recent years, so-called hat with ears and paws became extremely popular. This is not surprising, given that they look very cute, versatile and print image and a style, and most importantly, warm and well protected from winter cold and cold gusts. Also this winter, in fur hats with animal ears and beasts are not paws can not pay attention for the simple reason that the coat is very, very popular. Many collections have been seen in classical leather caps and hats with earflaps, but prevents bring variety to the usual classics? There are interesting patterns-caps with ear, but no less stylish and original appearance hat with ears and paws, fur paws can winding them around his neck like a scarf. This accessory is sure to become the main “highlight” of any of the winter image. So for those fashion who love to be in the spotlight, a hat is something must have this season.

How To Choose The Right Wrist Watch

Elite or beginner-everyone training can have the help of a heart rate to achieve better results. But the models are many, the price range enormously, and for those considering the purchase are many features to consider. Testfakta sorts out the key differences.

There is löparfeber in Sweden, and jogging paths are crowded exercisers on spring evenings. But for those who want to develop their training takes more than just wear kilometers.

-From research directions can say with certainty that varied training gives better results. A heart rate monitor can be a good tool to get to the variation, says Mikael Mattsson, author Pulse Training and PhD in Physiology at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH.

Simply put, heart rate training to determine their maximum heart rate and then be sure to exercise at different intensity levels – in different heart rate zones-in relation to it. A band attached around the chest picks up the electrical signals from the heart and transmit the information to a clock that shows how fast the heart is beating. One can also use their smart phone to receive information about the heartbeat.

Vintage Windows Phone

This is part 2 of a mini book that will last about a month, where telling weekly the joys and sorrows of moving to a whole new ecosystem: after 6 years of faithful militancy Android, I decided to try Windows Phone *, the Microsoft operating system that is gaining more and more support, particularly as regards the economic range.

(* among other things, someone in the comments asked me why. A particular reason there is: I was simply curious to try the system, see where we had arrived after I had left with the glorious Windows Mobile 6.1 HTC Touch HD. I thought bringing salient aspects, both good and bad, of migrating from one ecosystem to another would be a interesting read.)

5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Wear a Cardigan


For some years now, the cardigan has got a firm place in the summer wardrobe of every woman and winter. Thanks to its utility and its versatility, in fact, this item of clothing has become really indispensable for any season, because it can be easily combined according to requirements. There are, however, five very common mistakes that women often perform, without even realizing it. Here’s what to avoid when wearing a cardigan if you do not want to “fashion sin”.

Modern Wall Stickers for Living Room

For several years in Bulgaria is developing a modern way of decorating the walls with stickers wall. These stickers are made ​​of self-adhesive vinyl film and complementary in many aspects of the standard methods of decoration at home. Their production is based on the well known and tested methods, technologies and materials used and improved for decades in the industry for indoor and outdoor advertising. Wall stickers can be created with bright designs and colors that easily attract customers.

Acronym HTC

HTC One M10 back to talk about whether thanks to some interesting rumor. The first is the name of the Terminal, still hangs in the balance because of rumors which indicated a probable abandonment of the brand “M”, but that seems to be less and less likely because of the appearance of the acronym “HTC One M10” on an official site Abbreviationfinder.org. The site in question is linked to a poll and the letter is confirmed both by a screen of the page of your HTML code.

The second news is dedicated to the camera and offers us a first shot taken with HTC One M10. Although the photo itself does not tell us anything special, this was accompanied by the EXIF data that allow you to become aware of the fact that it is a sensor with aperture f/1.9, improved compared to f/2.2 to One M9, while the resolution taken is 2250 x 4000, or 9 MegaPixel 16:9 which translates to 12 Megapixels in 4:3.

Cheap Garden Furniture

You are one of the lucky owners of a green home?

Then you can’t just avoid to take care as it should be: you start looking tree with the preferred choice of plants and caring for them properly, but you continue without doubt with choosing the right type of garden furniture: sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables of various kinds, swings … but you already know what material to choose?

Many people who have a green space in the House are particularly reluctant to deal with the choice of garden furniture, and the reason is obvious: the mere thought of having to move around every time a storm threatens the outdoor furniture is creepy just the idea, I know.
In this post I will explain how to Save time and money by making the choices best suited to your needs.

Running LED Headlamp

Headlamps, little helper in the dark

Especially in the dark winter months, many people lose interest in sports and all other activities that one runs out. The reasons are complete. It is cold, wet and especially dark. The skiing, hiking and many other outdoor activities require adequate lighting. In the darkness, you feel not only unsafe, the risk of accidents is also increasing rapidly on. Unfortunately there is a lack not only in parks, forests and playing fields of light. Also, some roads are so poorly lit that even careful walking is not readily possible.

7 Ideas for Packaging Christmas Gifts

What do you think about when you approach the Christmas season? Christmas has something magical, it is useless to deny it. The cynics and those who are on the tip of the tongue the word “consumerism” stop pretending, because I know that you too when walking the streets of your city perceived the sweet and magical atmosphere of Christmas. Maybe first you’ll think to the contributions in terms of taxes for maintenance and electricity of those wonderful lights around you, but do not deny the inexplicable sense of joy that pervades there.

But what helps make Christmas so special? No, I’m not referring to the family, to the good feelings and the sun, heart, love, but the gifts.
They are ironic, of course.

Benefits of Physical Activity During Pregnancy

Get pregnant? The benefits of exercise for would-be moms who are already trying to conceive a child but can’t. How sport can help and how to practice it? Here’s everything you need to know.

You’re trying to have a baby and, despite not having any fertility problem, you can’t? Did you know that there are some health conditions that may hinder or vice versa, if they be good, to facilitate the conception? Or that overweight women have a harder time conceiving, than a woman equal to health and fertility, is also fit? For example, a waist too wide may complicate the implantation of the embryo. If you want a baby, so not only you have to take care of your health, but you’d have to literally change his lifestyle, and this applies not only for moms. L’ physical activity, often overlooked, for example, is one of those things that might actually encourage conception: thus we see everything there is to know about it and what are the activities of choice in such cases.