LED Flashlight Torch Camera Video Recorder

As you probably know, Our site proposes periodically new products selected by our sales team for their character innovative, their good quality and attractive price.

After a first article on micro-spy-reaching in “Spy Watch”, we offer today a superb product: a flashlight camera recorder built.

Maglite ST3D016 3 D Cell LED Flashlight Review

Main Benefit

On an intensity of 131 lumens, this LED flashlight allows visible light intensity of up to 364 meters.

Main Disadvantage

Consumers regret the absence of batteries on delivery of the product.

Verdict : 9,2/10

In search of comparing several LED flashlights models, you certainly stay on this model. It properly fulfills its role as a torch with a powerful light. It remains a pity he did not come with batteries that are suited him.

How to Wear Denim leggings

Do not close this page on the grounds that you do not have the silhouette of Poppy Delevingne (you know this blonde Liana who straddle the bike of a bearded giant for Zadig & Voltaire perfume).

Unlike what we imagine (I already said), the slim denim leggings is far from be reserved for the perfect forms. It does mean that you can do almost anything with this delicate piece.

How to Choose LED Lighting

The main inconvenience of the LED product is its price. But this investment, expensive initially, is quickly recouped by 3 essential qualities, among other qualities, that are energy saving of more than 85 percent compared to conventional lighting, its longevity (more than 50000 hours) and its light output per watt (lumens/w).

Vintage and Chic Fashion

Nothing goes out of style, it’s a fact! Today, it has even become a nostalgic important need for all generations. I do not hide you, I always liked that appeal to the retro and since my childhood. Besides, it’s probably this love for vintage and things of the past, who pushed me to do the history studies. Attention, I’m not melancholy, far from it, I like the era in which I am, but I’m a bit nostalgic on some form of recklessness, mode, art of living and of codes of beauties which I found, were much more tolerant (ref. to pin-up).

What is a Data Plan for Smartphone?

What is a data plan? And how well choose? Find all our explanations to make the right choice for your subscription to the mobile Internet!

Access to the Internet from the mobile phone has truly democratized in recent years with 3G, H +, 4G and the rise of the smartphone market. Thus we find increasingly mobile packages that include a download volume to go on the Internet. As for voice or SMS, these Internet packages may be limited data volume. It is therefore necessary to check well before purchasing that each package offers in terms of data.

Roommates Wall Decals: Questions and Answers

Roommates Peel’n Stick is fantastic wall decals that make about children room, or any room, quickly and easily! Changes you can move, or replace, decals and again.

Roommates wall decals are thin sheets of vinyl with a special adhesive on the back stuck without permanently bind to the wall surface. Therefore, they can easily be put on, taken off and moved, how often you want.

LED Tile Lights

Imagine a star path at your feet, a myriad of flashes of light around your mirror, a luminous trail guiding your steps in the stairs … With tile LED, it is possible.

LED tile? A bright idea!

In fact, what-is hidden under this designation of LED?

Tiles with integrated LED

Tile side, nothing easier than to shed light on walls and floors, including the highly innovative tile system with integrated LEDs. These tiles arise wherever you like, alternating or not classic floor tiles. The thickness of the installation is so small that it does not exist level difference between conventional tiles and tiles with LEDs.

Without apparent wiring, floor tiles with integrated LEDs are perfect to draw a guide to the floor or wall in a hallway or a dark staircase. They are also a source of decoration original, especially around a mirror in the bathroom, on the edges of the tub, or in the kitchen on the work plan. This type of tile allows every whim, because there are many shapes, patterns and sizes of different tiles.

Plus Size Casual Fashion Summer

Who knows the problem: Outside sweltering heat, stuffy air in the office. Ventilation is not really a boon, because as soon as the window is open, comes even more heat into it. The Plus Size Workwear choice is because the more difficult because, despite high temperatures, many still have to adhere to the dress code of their company. Therefore, I have a few tips for you as you stand on cool August and warm September days.

How to Choose Clothes During Pregnancy

During your nine months of pregnancy, your body will change and you can not put your old clothes as your old favorite jeans or your favorite top. So you will have to adapt your wardrobe to changes in your body while keeping your own style. complicated exercise? No more now. We will give you information, tips and advice for dressing during pregnancy is fun.