Summer Dress Fashion Trends 2016

Some women love tight clothing by circumventing better your curves and make the most sensual look. Knowing how to use a more fluffy dress the body requires some very important care, otherwise the minimum error can ruin your complete look. Below you will find some tips on how best to combine this type of clothing and on what occasion they can be used without fear!

Summer Dress Fashion Trends


The intention should always be sensual and exaggeration leads to vulgar and we are sure you do not want that, right? So if the priority is the right dress, you can take it easy a bit in length, avoiding very short pieces and also opting for models with moderate necklines. The secret is to keep the harmony of your look.

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Pay attention to the fabric of her tight dress is very important because it prevents certain discomforts. Parts knitted fabrics with elasticity are extremely comfortable, but have their drawbacks. The main aims at strapless dress through

  • The choice should be made according to her body.very fair knitted dresses tend to rise as you walk and it may make her uncomfortable at times.
  • Most mesh has an adjustment capability to very large body. Taking into account this fact, avoid parts too glued to your body if you want to disguise any detail of your silhouette.
  • Opt for more fluffy dresses for a more relaxed look, but avoid the too wide.
  • Tight dresses knitted long should be used with care.As they are completely glued to your body, be careful with your silhouette, as indicated above.
  • Short dresses when they are used with high heels seem even shorter, then watch this detail if the occasion ask for a more formal look.
  • Since we are talking about formal looks, fair dresses mesh can also be used in those times, but give preference to black tubes and more serious modeling as parts with buttons, lace, blazers, etc in bulk.


Already the tissues in general have a great advantage over the mesh, they have a very good fit and can disguise those little problems in silhouette. Yet it is important to pay attention to some details if you do not want to err in the choice. Let’s see:

  • If you are chubby, opt for heavier fabrics and more fit not to mark your body.
  • The famous black tubes in the model Chanel can be chosen for different occasions from the most formal to the most relaxed, but always in fabric!
  • You can abuse the accessories in tight dresses fabric to give that special lightness that look needs.
  • Like most tissues have low elasticity, avoid completely fair models to avoid discomfort and unnecessary markings on its silhouette. The fair models, but not glued are perfect for any woman.