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Cabo Verde Study and Training


The primary school is compulsory and covers the ages of 7-13 years. The education at this level is divided into two stages: Instrução Primária between 7 and 11 years and Escola Preparatória between 11 and 13 years. In postgraduate education, you can choose between four liceus comprising three years of general education or a two-year preparatory university course.

Education in Cabo Verde

Almost all children start and finish primary school, where the proportion of girls is slightly lower than the proportion of boys. However, in the secondary school, to which 2/3 of the pupils go on, the girls are in the majority. There is a state and a private university in the country.

The reading and writing skills of the adult population (over 15 years) were estimated in 2009 to be a total of 85% (90% for men and 80% for women). In the same year, 16% of government spending went to education.

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