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School and education in the Comoros

Officially, there is compulsory school for 10 years for anyone between 6 and 16 years. The primary school is 6 years old, the secondary school 7 years (4 + 3 years). 56% of children started primary school in 2000/01. In 2003, illiteracy among the adult population was estimated at approx. 45%. See TOPSCHOOLSINTHEUSA for TOEFL, ACT, SAT testing locations and high school codes in Comoros.

Education in Comoros

Comoros - Moroni


Moroni, capital of the Comoros; 54,000 residents (2011). Moroni, located on the west coast of the island of Ngazidja, is the country's largest city and commercial center with the food industry (vanilla, cocoa, coffee) and oil refinery. The city was originally built by Arab merchants.


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