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School and education in Dominica

There is a 10-year compulsory school in Dominica, which includes 2 years of preschool, 5 years of elementary school and 3 years of secondary school.

The main problem in the education sector is to get sufficient educated teachers.

Education in Dominica

In December 2014, for the third consecutive election, the DLP secured an absolute majority in parliament as it received 15 of the 21 seats. Skerrit was appointed prime minister for the fourth time.

In September 2017, Dominica was hit by Category 5 Hurricane Maria. The most violent recorded hurricane in the country's history. The hurricane's eye plowed across the island, causing enormous devastation. Thousands were made homeless and 27 killed. The lack of the most basic necessities subsequently triggered looting, and the government imposed a curfew in the period 16-08.


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