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Luxembourg Study and Training


The school system in Luxembourg is characterized by linguistic diversity. In preschool, which is compulsory for five-year-olds, about 1/3 of the children are immigrants. In the primary school from six to twelve years are German teaching languages, but during the second school year teaching is introduced in French, which used to be. is becoming an increasingly important language of instruction at higher stages of schooling. The secondary school has various lines, one of which is about seven grades preparing for university studies. Another, who is 6 years old, finishes with vocational training during two years and educates the majority of the students at this stage. Nine year courses are compulsory at primary and secondary level. See TOPSCHOOLSINTHEUSA for TOEFL, ACT, SAT testing locations and high school codes in Luxembourg.

Education in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a technical college and a teacher's college. Many study at universities in Belgium, France or Germany. Thus, teachers at higher stages receive their subject education outside the country.

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