About Guatemala

Guatemala is the most-most country in Central America, here you can get acquainted with the great heritage of the May civilization, learn about the wild and exotic nature of tropical rainforests, explore the unique Indian culture and taste original local dishes. Everything that your eyes fall on in Guatemala is imbued with a special color and unique spirit of this mysterious country, so different from our usual Russia.

Geography of Guatemala

According to best-medical-schools, the Republic of Guatemala is located in Central America, its border neighbors are Mexico, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras. The southwestern coast of Guatemala is washed by the Pacific Ocean, and the northeastern coast by the Atlantic, more precisely the Caribbean Sea. More than half of the entire territory of Guatemala, whose area is 108,889 km², is represented by the Cordillera mountain belt. The highest point of the republic, as well as all of Central America, is the Tahumulco volcano, 4220 meters above sea level. About 80% of Guatemala is covered in dense jungle. There are many lakes in the country, the largest are Izabal, Amatitlan, Atitlan and Peten Itza. There is a volcanic belt in Guatemala, there are 33 volcanoes in the country, but only three of them, including Agua and Pacaya, pose a real threat.




The area of Guatemala is 108,889 km2. sq., occupies the 103rd place in the world by area.


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The national currency is the Quetzal (GTQ).


Official language – Spanish

Visa to Guatemala

The visa regime of Guatemala will not cause problems for the Russians, citizens of the Russian Federation can visit the republic without a visa. The period of stay in the country in this case is limited to 90 days. However, the loyalty of Guatemala does not end there! The requirements for visa-free entry are very simple, you only need a foreign passport valid for the duration of your stay in the country. If 90 days is not enough to explore Guatemala, you can extend your residence permit for another 90 days on the spot.

Weather in Guatemala

The climate in Guatemala varies as much as the altitude varies throughout the country. In general, the climate in the Pacific south can be described as more humid, tropical, in May-June the temperature here reaches 40º during the day and 23ºС at night, in December the average temperature is 27ºС. On the Caribbean coast, the weather is constant throughout the year, during the day 31ºС – 33ºС, at night 22ºС – 24ºС. On the plateau, the climate is drier, subequatorial in May, the temperature varies from 28ºС during the day to 20ºС at night, and in December from 25ºС during the day to 17ºС at night. The rainy and stormy season lasts in Guatemala from May to October, with the largest amount of precipitation falling on the Caribbean coast. During this period, severe floods and hurricanes are not uncommon. The driest month is January, when there are frequent fogs and cool winds.

Currency exchange in Guatemala

In Guatemala, both the local currency quetzal and the US dollar are in circulation. You can exchange currency in the capital of Guatemala City everywhere: at airports, at bank branches, at exchange offices called “casas de cambio”, as well as in shops and hotels. In smaller cities, exchange may be difficult. From Monday to Friday, local banks are open from 8:30 to 16:30 with a lunch break from 12:30 to 14:30, on Saturday from 9:00 to 12:30. Most major establishments accept credit cards, with Visa much more readily than MasterCard. Traveler’s checks, American Express and Visa can also be used for payment or cashed at a bank.


Voltage 120 V, frequency 60 Hz. Type A sockets, the American standard with two flat pins and type B, which differs from the first by the presence of a D-shaped ground pin.


Under the influence of the colonists, most of the population of Guatemala became Catholics and Protestants, but retained an addiction to pagan beliefs, eventually forming a kind of religious mix.


Guatemala, like other Central American countries, despite its attractiveness, is not a safe country for foreign tourists. Pickpocketing, street robbery, vehicle theft are normal, especially in the capital. Independent travelers are categorically not recommended to visit remote areas of Guatemala City at night, as well as to go on excursions alone or travel in a rented car. Large sums of money, jewelry, etc. should be left in the hotel safe; at night, moving on the street with expensive equipment (smartphone, camera or camcorder) is also not recommended. In the event of any incident, one cannot rely on the police; corruption is highly developed in Guatemala. Please note that according to local laws,


The Ministry of Health does not require mandatory vaccinations before visiting Guatemala, but it is recommended to drink a prophylactic course against malaria. To maintain your own health, use bottled water more often for drinking and even brushing your teeth. Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables from the markets, do not eat at roadside cafes of dubious quality, do not buy prepared food or cut fruits from the markets. Before the trip, stock up on high-quality mosquito repellents, as well as sun creams with a high SPF factor, for the first time being in a completely different climate, the skin will be especially sensitive to sunlight.

About Guatemala