Access Points Automatically from Your Android Fon WiFi

We continue looking for our devices Wi-Fi access points Android. With special interest if you have a tablet without 3 G that we use when we do travel. Before we talk about application to Gowex Android which allows us to connect to more than 30,000 Wi-Fi access points, but if we are talking about a large WiFi community could not miss FON many know for a few years in our country.

FON has an Android application really simple with two screens that we show up at all. The purpose of this application is to connect to any of the available points in an easy and simple way. The only thing that we have to enter the first time you install it is our credentials. With them when we are near an open network of FON, the application will automatically, even if we move we will automatically switch to another network with better connection (effect roaming).

This application was initially known as FON Access, developed by Joan Fisbein as a free project using WISPr. Even you can consult the code source of enforcement at project website. Even FON was promoting it, now it seems that it has definitely taken the trade name of FON and this new is that available in the Android Market, quite similar to the previous, the other has disappeared.

I’ve been using FON Access For more than one year and is going really well. Allowing me to save 3G and connect to the internet when I travel abroad. The application operates in several countries of the world, In addition to Spain: BT FON Hospots (United Kingdom), Neuf WiFi FON (France), Livedoor (Japan), ZON@FON (Portugal) and ComstarFON (Russia). In the Centre of Madrid, for example, we can find many points both private business com WiFi FON. Having an Android tablet 3 g application of FON is essential when we use it outside the home.

FON account with around 4 million WiFi hotspots worldwide.
Anyone can join FON sharing your WiFi, provided you have a FON router. Thereafter we can enjoy the open access to all FON WiFI access. There are also the possibility of acquiring any of the bonds for users who do not have a FON router sharing WiFi with the community.

FON Version 1.2.3

  • Version of Android: from 1.5
  • Developer: FON
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Communication

You can access the FON WiFi points throughout the world automatically: