Android 5.0: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 And Note 2 Yes, s2 (Plus) No

GSM arena has yesterday received information according to which the current Samsung flagships at least Android 5.0 key lime pie, the S2 and the S3 mini in 4.2.2, jelly bean but is final.

Still, the info with caution is to enjoy, because there is no official source. Yet is the one or the other user, who is recently a Samsung Galaxy S2 plus or a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini too has laid over this news be not happy. Because the blog GSM arena has played to get information, stating that these and many more – current part – Samsung smartphones already will get no other version updates of Google OS jelly bean for the currently latest Android version 4.2.2.

Also for 2013-smartphones is final according to 4.2.2

Also in terms of Android 5.0, which probably Gets the name “Key Lime Pie”, the 2013 entry-level models Samsung Galaxy go Prime, thus Samsung Galaxy Express, Samsung Galaxy Young, Samsung Galaxy fame,Samsung Galaxy Grand and Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 , also here is according to 4.2.2 final. Perhaps, some people is twice now consider whether he really wants to go to one of these smartphones, set of course source the GSM arenahas the right with the list. Owners of previous models Samsung Galaxy Beam andSamsung Galaxy Ace 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy touch from 2011 see also inside the tube.

As was to be expected, the Smartphone upper class of the South Koreans, however, supplied to at least Android 5.0. This applies to both the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE), the Samsung Galaxy note 2 (Samsung Galaxy touch 2 LTE) and of course the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S4, that comes at us from House with LTE, as well as the Samsung Galaxy s tablets note 8.0 and Samsung Galaxy touch 10.1 in its different variants.

What do you say to the womöglichen Android update roadmap from Samsung? Are you satisfied or disappointed? Or have you ever not surprised?