Apple’s Coolness Is in Retreat in Teenagers

It’s no longer cool to have an iPhone, if everyone around a, including the parents, also has a.Teenagers are no longer absolutely wild with Apple’s smartphone.

Apple’s popularity on the iPhone is huge, and in Denmark it was clear the top selling smartphone in 2012, shows sales figures from telecommunications operators.

But pressure begets backpressure and it suggests that Apple has to fight harder in the future, in order to sell their products to young people. According to the news magazine Forbes will teenagers no longer have the same smartphone as their parents or anyone else around them; they will instead have the “latest and greatest phone that speaks to their generation”.

One thing that is helping to change attitudes, is parents ‘ tradition of giving their cast-off mobile for kids, URf.eks. the used iPhone. But as products from competing manufacturers have been better – and sold at a lower price, there is a tendency to the teenagers get a new phone, rather than the used from the parents.

In addition, the massive distribution of the iPhone have watered down the coolnesss that previously surrounded the product.

The source of the story in Forbes is agency Buzz Marketing Group.