Applying to Study in Australia

If you have decided to study in Australia when choosing your country of study, you must next choose a suitable university. In particular, prospective students who would like to complete a full degree in Australia must also deal with the choice of subject in advance.

When these important decisions are made, one can apply to study in Australia. In order to successfully complete the application, applicants should have a good understanding of the admission requirements and the application process.

Admission requirements to study in Australia

The admission requirements for studying in Australia are depending on the study program. As in Germany, the universities award the consecutive degrees of bachelor, master and doctoral degree as well as several other degrees in the undergraduate and postgraduate areas. As a rule, the Abitur is a prerequisite for admission to the bachelor’s degree. Anyone who is already enrolled at a German university and is going to Australia for a semester abroad wants to come, has good chances of admission even with a technical diploma. In addition, there are some non-academic Vocational Education and Training programs that do not require a high school diploma. SeeĀ findjobdescriptions for more about Australia.

When applying to study in Australia, prospective students must meet both the academic and the language requirements. So you need to have a good command of English. Proof of language skills can be provided via a standardized language test such as TOEFL or IELTS. Semester students can often prove their language skills with the DAAD language certificate or the English grade on the (specialist) high school diploma. Some universities only accept the DAAD language certificate and the English grade in combination.

Depending on the study program, there may be additional requirements. An academic admission test is only common for an MBA ; many universities require applicants for an MBA program to achieve a GMAT result.

Application process for studying in Australia

In the application process for studying in Australia, applicants must first collect all the necessary documents. This includes an application form from the university, certified translations of relevant diplomas and proof of language proficiency. A copy of the passport must also be submitted. A certification of this copy may be necessary. Applicants for a semester abroad or further studies must submit an English-language transcript of records.

Depending on the study program and university, additional components may be required. In some cases, for example, letters of recommendation or letters of motivation are required.

Since it can take some time to obtain all of the documents, prospective students should deal with the application process as early as possible.

The application to study in Australia is addressed directly to the Australian university. The application deadlines are sorted by university and degree program differently. The application documents are usually sent online.

After receiving the application, the university usually decides on the admission of the applicant within a few weeks. Accepted applicants receive a study place offer with the letter of offer. You then have to transfer the tuition fees. The university then sends you the final confirmation in the form of the electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoe).

After application: preparation for studying in Australia

After successfully applying to study in Australia, further preparations are pending:

  • Applying for the student visa for Australia. Among other things, this requires the eCoe and proof of health insurance for studying in Australia (OSHC). These international students usually graduate through the Australian university.
  • Conclusion of a private foreign health insurance. This is recommended as the OSHC does not pay for everything, for example it does not pay for patient repatriation.
  • Accommodation: Information about possible accommodation should be obtained. If necessary, it makes sense to already book accommodation. However, it is not advisable to conclude rental contracts for private apartments from home.
  • Organization of the journey: On the to-do list are the booking of the flights and the organization of the transport from the airport to the university location.
  • Apply for a credit card: Credit cards are a common means of payment in Australia.
  • Apply for an international driver’s license: In Australia, this is used together with the German driver’s license as proof of your driving license.
  • Cultural Preparation: Students should prepare for their time in Australia by studying the country’s culture and customs.

Joint research strengths

Even if each member of the Innovative Research Universities has their own research focus, the university network emphasizes the joint research strengths of the universities separately. They are in the fields of Biomedical Science, Health Science, Environmental Science, Agriculture and Veterinary Science and Social Inclusion – Indigenous Research.

Advantages for students

A particularly important aspect of the joint work of the Innovative Research Universities for students is the cooperation in teaching. For example, you can benefit from collaboration projects on courses. This allows the range of courses at universities to be expanded and the content of the courses to be optimized. In addition, less popular but important subjects can also be obtained in this way at the universities of the university network.

Applying to Study in Australia