ARI Jaaksi, Meego to Palm

One of major leaks in the different outputs of Nokia that we have had the opportunity to inform you in recent weeks, is that of Ari Jaaksi, who held the position of Head of MeeGo.

Really didn’t give no credible excuse, nor on the other hand, neither part of the Finnish giant, but it seems that by want to work it was not, since we have heard that He is enrolling in the ranks of Palm. Following the reverse path of Peter Skillman, one of the important people behind Palm Pre and webOS.

Palm has also been suffering major casualties from the purchase of HP, so the bleeding stop and get new drives of renowned reassure followers of the American company. ARI Jaaksi will assume the position of Vice President of the division HP webOS Hewlett-Packard’s.

Are incorporated in this same November charge, but won’t be the only change, as from Wall Street Journal we learn that Victoria Coleman, responsible for the research and Development Department of Samsung. In his new role he will oversee the platform and application development.


Nokia’s MeeGo device chief quits

Nokia's MeeGo device chief quits