Aurich, Germany Sights Part II

building The building is located on the palace square directly opposite the palace. After Count Edzard II (1532-1599) had moved his residence from Emden to Aurich in 1561, he had a building built in 1587 with a courtly horse stable on the ground floor and six living areas on the upper floor.
Later, Prince Georg Albrecht (1690-1734) had the upper floor extensively redesigned by his master builder Anton Heinrich Horst.
The balcony on the upper floor, which is bordered by a railing made of wrought iron and contains the initials “GA” of Prince Georg Albrecht, is noteworthy.
Nowadays the Lower Saxony State Office for Salaries and Remuneration has its seat here.

This extraordinarily magnificent mausoleum is in the Aurich cemetery. The sarcophagi of the former Cirksena family of counts and princes of East Frisia have been located here since 1880.
The building in the neo-Romanesque style was built between 1875 and 1976 by master bricklayer Gerhard Neemann from Aurich. Learn more about Germany on best-medical-schools.

Town hall
The town hall of Aurich dates from 1974. The offices of the mayor and the city administration are located in the building.
It should be noted that the district administration of the district of Aurich is also located in Aurich, but in a different building.
Bürgermeister-Hippen-Platz 1
26603 Aurich (East Friesland)
Tel.: 0049 – (0) 4941 – 120

Sous Tower
The 25 m high tower stands on the town square. It was built from steel pipes and plexiglass by the artist Albert Sous from Aachen and erected in 1990. At the tower, however, the spirits of the Aurichians differ: some love it as a great work of art, while others dismiss it as a “futuristic junk heap”.

In this conference venue, the Aurich event arena, which was opened in May 2009, conferences and seminars for smaller and larger companies take place. Events with up to 3,000 people can also be held in the event hall.
Tel: 0049 – (0) 4941 – 124

City fortifications
Well-preserved remains of the old city fortifications can be seen on the Alter Wall near the Lamberti Church.

City Hall In the Aurich City Hall, music events, comedy evenings, theater events and antique markets take place.
Tel.: 0049 – (0) 4941 – 123 322

In Aurich and the surrounding area the visitor will find a number of mills. The most famous mill in Aurich is the Stiftsmühle. This Dutch five-story gallery mill with a compass rose was built in 1858 by master miller Hermann Knoop. In the following century, a motor-driven roller mill system was installed in order to be able to produce larger quantities of flour.
In 1977 the Aurich local history association saved the mill from deterioration and turned it into a museum. The building was completely renovated between 2000 and 2002.
With a height of 29.50 m, the mill is the second highest in East Frisia.
In the attached mill museum you can learn a lot about mills -So about the way from grain to bread, the development of milling technology, the history of milling law and even something about the social history of millers and farmers in East Frisia.
Address: Oldersumer Straße

The machine house of the waterworks was built in 1911, the approx. 42 m high water tower and the residential building around 1910. The tower is a five-storey brick building with a circular floor plan. The plant served to supply Aurich with water.
Today the ensemble is a listed building, but has not been used as a waterworks since the 1970s. The interior of the ensemble cannot be visited. The owner is the city of Aurich.

To the stock exchange
The historic restaurant “Zur Börse” has been located in this landmark building on Burgstrasse since 1901
. Before 1901, a goldsmith, a brick kiln and a bakery had their headquarters in the building, which was built later.
Burgstrasse 50
Tel.: 0049 – (0) 4941 – 61620

Aurich Castle

Originally there was a castle built in 1447 as the residence of the rulers from the Cirksena family at that time. But in the course of belonging to the Kingdom of Hanover between 1815 and 1866, the castle was demolished and the current palace complex was built between 1851 and 1855. The lower part of the south wing with its tower dates from the time of the old castle.
Nowadays the building is the seat of the regional court of Aurich and the “state-wide payment and supply office” of the regional finance directorate of Lower Saxony.

Museums worth seeing

Historical Museum
The Historical Museum is located in the Old Chancellery. For more information on the building, see above. In the museum, the visitor will find artifacts and descriptions on the following topics:

  • Image archive of the city of Aurich
  • Folklore collection of the East Frisian landscape
  • Kurt Johannsen’s herbarium
  • Collection of the Gossel family
  • archaeological finds
  • Legacies of the royal family Cirksena
  • Worth knowing about Aurich personalities
  • the town hall and city officials
  • urban craft and company history
  • Trade and market events
  • Silver from Aurich workshops
  • Judaica
  • Costumes and clothing
  • Biedermeier culture
  • Everyday war in Aurich
  • 1950s
  • Everyday life in Aurich
  • Childhood and toys

Burgstrasse 25
26603 Aurich

MACHmit! -Museum
This museum is part of the Historical Museum on Burgstrasse and is there for children.

Moordorf Moor Museum
Moore played a major role in East Frisia. In this museum, which is located less than 10 km west of Aurich, you can experience the life and development of a bog colony in East Frisia up close in a moor landscape.
Victorburer Moor 7a
26624 Südbrookmerland
Tel.: 0049 – (0) 4942 – 2734

Mill Museum Stiftsmühle
This museum offers an overview of the history of the mill and how this and other mills work in the Stiftsmühle on five floors.
The mill is a so-called gallery Dutchman with a compass rose. The building was erected in 1858 on the initiative of master miller Hermann Knoop. The mill has a height of around 30 m.
In 1977 the building was saved from deterioration and renovated by the Aurich Local History Association and expanded into a museum.
From the mill you have a beautiful view of Aurich.
Oldersummer Straße 266
Tel.: 0049 – (0) 4941 – 99 42 90
Opening times
April to October: Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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