Butte County, Idaho Demographics

Butte County, Idaho, is a rural county located in the central portion of the state. It is bordered by Blaine County to the north, Bingham County to the east, Power County to the south, and Cassia and Twin Falls Counties to the west. The county covers an area of 1,917 square miles and has a population of approximately 8,031 people.

The geography of Butte County is diverse and includes rolling hills with volcanic outcroppings in some areas. The county seat is located in Arco City which lies on the banks of the Snake River. The landscape also features several mountain ranges including Big Wood River Range, Pioneer Mountains, Lost River Range, and Lemhi Range.

The climate in Butte County is semi-arid with hot summers and cold winters. Average high temperatures range from 20 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in July. Precipitation levels are low throughout most of the year with an average annual rainfall of just 11 inches.

The population of Butte County is primarily rural with most residents living on small family farms or ranches. The largest city in the county is Arco which has a population of 1,027 people as of 2020. Other towns within Butte County include Atomic City (population: 91), Howe (population: 176), Northside (population: 88), Mud Lake (population: 491), and Moore (population: 717).

Butte County offers its residents a unique mix of rural living combined with easy access to larger cities such as Boise which lies just over two hours away by car. With its diverse geography and friendly communities, Butte County provides an ideal place for those looking for a peaceful life close to nature.

Economy of Butte County, Idaho

Butte County, Idaho is a rural county located in the central portion of the state. It has an area of 1,917 square miles and a population of approximately 8,031 people. The economy of Butte County is primarily based on agriculture and ranching.

Agriculture is the main economic driver in Butte County with many residents operating small family farms or ranches. The most common crops grown in the county are wheat, barley, hay, corn and potatoes. Livestock production also plays an important role in the local economy with cattle and sheep being among the most popular animals raised for meat production.

In addition to traditional agricultural activities, Butte County has seen an increase in alternative agricultural practices such as organic farming and aquaculture. Organic farming involves growing crops without using synthetic chemicals or pesticides while aquaculture involves raising fish or other aquatic species for food or other purposes.

The tourism industry is also an important part of the Butte County economy with many visitors coming to take advantage of outdoor recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, camping and hiking. The county is home to several popular attractions including Horseshoe Bend National Wildlife Refuge, Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve and Bruneau Dunes State Park.

The manufacturing sector also contributes to the economy of Butte County with several plants located within Arco City that produce items such as potato chips and potato-based snacks as well as food processing equipment used by local farmers and ranchers. Additionally, there are several businesses that provide services such as construction work, auto repair shops and restaurants throughout the county.

Butte County’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture but it also benefits from its proximity to larger cities like Boise which lies just over two hours away by car. With its diverse range of industries ranging from traditional agriculture to alternative farming practices to tourism-related businesses, Butte County provides a unique mix of economic opportunities for its residents.

Libraries in Butte County, Idaho

According to babyinger, Butte County, Idaho is home to a number of libraries that provide access to books, periodicals, digital materials, and other resources. The county has two main libraries: the Butte County Public Library (BCPL) and the Arco City Library. The BCPL is located in the city of Arco and serves as the main library for the county. It offers a wide range of services including public access computers, online databases, book clubs, reference services, programming events for adults and children alike, and much more.

The Arco City Library is a smaller branch of the BCPL located in downtown Arco. It provides access to books and digital materials such as e-books and audiobooks as well as computers with internet access. The library also hosts a variety of programs such as family storytimes, film screenings, and book clubs for adults.

In addition to these two main branches of libraries in Butte County, Idaho there are several other smaller branches located throughout the county. These include the Atomic City Library in Atomic City which serves residents living near Grandview Peak; the Hansen Branch Library in Hansen which serves residents living near Black Mountain; and the Rockland Branch Library which serves residents living near Rocky Ridge Peak.

Each branch library offers its own unique selection of materials but all are part of an interlibrary loan system so that patrons can request items from any branch library within Butte County or from other public libraries throughout Idaho. This system enables patrons to have access to an even greater selection of books than what their local branch has available on its shelves.

Butte County’s libraries provide a valuable resource for its citizens by offering access to educational materials as well as providing a place for community members to gather together for educational programs or leisure activities such as storytimes or film screenings. With multiple branches scattered throughout Butte County Idaho’s citizens have easy access to resources that can help them stay informed about current events or simply relax with a good book or movie night at their local library.

Butte County, Idaho

Landmarks in Butte County, Idaho

Butte County, Idaho is home to a number of unique and beautiful landmarks that are worth exploring. One of the most iconic landmarks in Butte County is the Snake River Canyon. The Snake River Canyon stretches for over 500 miles and is a stunning geological formation comprised of deep canyons, cliffs, and other breathtaking views. This canyon was formed by the Snake River’s erosive forces over thousands of years, making it an incredible sight to behold. Another popular landmark in Butte County is the Big Hole National Battlefield. This historic site commemorates the 1877 battle between Nez Perce Indians and U.S Army forces in what has been called “the last Indian War”. Visitors to this site can explore the battlefield and learn more about the history of this important conflict. Finally, one cannot forget about Silver City which is located in Butte County as well. Silver City was once a booming mining town during Idaho’s gold rush era and now serves as an interesting historical relic of that time period with its many old buildings still standing today. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or historical exploration, Butte County offers plenty of unique landmarks to explore.┬áSee Ehangzhou for best time to visit Idaho.