Buxton, Maine Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to NecessaryHome, Buxton, Maine is surrounded by several cities and towns that offer a variety of attractions and activities for visitors. To the north of Buxton is Standish, a small town that is home to many historical sites such as the Standish Town Hall, which was built in 1806. The town also has several parks such as Sebago Lake State Park and Pleasant Mountain State Park, which offer plenty of recreational opportunities including fishing, hiking, camping, swimming and more.

To the east of Buxton lies Limington, a small community known for its many apple orchards and dairy farms. Limington also features several historical buildings such as the Limington Congregational Church which was built in 1786. The church is open to visitors on select days throughout the year for tours and special events.

Further east is Hollis Center, a rural town with many small businesses such as antique shops and craft stores. Hollis Center also has several parks such as Fryeburg Fairgrounds Park where visitors can enjoy activities like fishing and boating during warmer months or take part in winter sports like ice skating when it’s cold outside.

South of Buxton lies Gorham, a larger town with plenty of shopping opportunities at outlets like the Maine Mall or local stores along Main Street. The town also features some unique attractions like the Gorham Historical Society Museum which showcases artifacts from the area’s past including items from Native American tribes who once lived in this region.

Finally, to the west lies Westbrook, an industrial city with plenty of modern amenities such as restaurants, bars, movie theaters and more. Westbrook also hosts various festivals throughout the year including an annual music festival called River Jam Music Festival which takes place every summer on Saccarappa Beach. With so much to see and do in these bordering cities and towns of Buxton, Maine it’s no wonder why more people are choosing to call this charming New England state their home.

Buxton, Maine

Population of Buxton, Maine

Buxton, Maine is a small town located in York County, approximately 25 miles west of Portland. It has a population of around 7,000 people, making it one of the smaller towns in the region. The town is primarily rural and agricultural, with many farms and orchards located throughout the area.

The population of Buxton is primarily white and English-speaking. In recent years, however, there has been an influx of immigrants from other countries including India, China, and Mexico. This has contributed to an increase in diversity within the town’s population.

Along with immigrants from other countries come many different cultures and religions that are present in Buxton today. The predominant religion is Christianity, followed by Islam and Buddhism. There are also a number of non-religious people living in Buxton as well as those who practice paganism or Wicca.

The median age of the population in Buxton is 39 years old which is slightly higher than the average for York County as a whole (36). Most residents are married couples with children living at home (48%), while single-parent households make up 15% of the population.

The median household income for Buxton is $61,000 per year which is slightly lower than the average for York County ($63,000). The unemployment rate for Buxton sits at 5%, which is slightly lower than York County’s rate (5.2%).

Overall, Buxton offers its residents a safe and friendly environment to live in with plenty of opportunities for employment and recreation nearby. With its diverse population and close proximity to larger cities like Portland and Westbrook, it’s no wonder why more people are choosing to call this charming New England town their home.

Schools and Education of Buxton, Maine

According to topschoolsintheusa, Buxton, Maine is home to a number of public schools and private educational institutions. The town is served by Regional School Unit 6, which consists of six schools: Buxton Center Elementary School, Bonny Eagle Middle School, Bonny Eagle High School and three other elementary schools in the district. The district also has an alternative high school program called the Transition Education Program.

The public schools in Buxton are part of the Maine Department of Education’s Essential Programs and Services (EPS) funding formula. This ensures that all students receive a quality education regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds or family incomes.

In addition to the public school system, Buxton is home to several private educational institutions. These include St. Ann’s Catholic School, which serves pre-K through 8th grade students; St. Michael’s Episcopal Day School which serves pre-K through 6th grade students; and York County Community College which offers associate degree programs as well as continuing education courses.

Buxton also has a strong commitment to higher education with several universities located nearby including the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine Maritime Academy in Castine and Husson University in Bangor. These universities offer a variety of degree programs for students interested in pursuing further education after high school graduation or those looking for career advancement opportunities.

Overall, Buxton provides its residents with access to quality public schools as well as private educational institutions and nearby universities for those looking to further their studies or pursue career advancement opportunities. With such an array of educational options available within this charming New England town it’s no wonder why more people are choosing to call it their home.

Landmarks in Buxton, Maine

Buxton, Maine is home to a variety of unique landmarks and attractions that are sure to please any visitor. The Buxton Historical Society is the perfect place to start, with its museum and library full of local artifacts and information. The building itself is an architectural gem, built in the early 1900s in the Queen Anne style. Also located near downtown Buxton is the town hall, which was built in 1848 and still stands today as a reminder of the town’s long history. Just down the road from the town hall is one of Buxton’s most popular attractions: Smiling Hill Farm. This family-owned dairy farm offers tours and activities for visitors of all ages. Guests can enjoy hayrides, ice cream making demonstrations, and even a petting zoo with farm animals like cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and more. Finally, no visit to Buxton would be complete without stopping at Wolfes Neck State Park. This picturesque park has over 700 acres of woodlands and trails that are perfect for hiking or enjoying nature at its finest. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or an overnight stay in Buxton, there’s something here for everyone.