California State University Chico Study Abroad


Since the application process for a semester abroad is usually the same, I keep this section short. Submit your application for the university on time. MicroEDU will of course help you with this. As soon as you get the approval, the bureaucracy starts and you need a lot of patience and nerves to fill out all the forms. The appointment at the consulate is very relaxed. I was in Munich and was even lucky enough to get my turn earlier than planned. So I didn’t have to wait any longer. After that, all you have to do is wait for the long-awaited visa !

Living in Chico

I lived with a very nice lady in her house. A dog and two cats were also included. I had a separate entrance to my room and also an access to the garden. She rents out 2 rooms (fully furnished) and actually always has German students living with her. During the time I lived with her, she only had me as a student. I immediately felt at home with her. During my stay she became my surrogate mom, supported me in all things, but also gave me my freedom. The only thing she wanted to know was whether or not I would come home at night so that she wouldn’t have to worry. So if you want to consider living with an American family, I can only recommend my American Mom. According to, CSUC is the abbreviation of California State University Chico.

If you want to live in a shared apartment, the best thing to do is to contact Steve Wildhaber, he works in the International Office and looks after us German students. Redwood Cove is very popular and is very close to the university. You can get more information from Steve.

It was clear to me from the start that I wanted to live with an American family. You are in immediate contact with Americans because they love to socialize and introduce you to all of their friends. The other reason, of course, was the language. You are forced to speak English. Quite a few German students live in the shared apartments and – even if you don’t plan to speak German – honestly, you speak it anyway

Life in Chico

In Chico you can get to pretty much everything by bike, so getting a bike is essential. Most bought theirs through craigslist. I was lucky that my mom gave me a bike. I lived east of Chico and to get to the university I drove through beautiful Bidwell Park every morning. The bike ride took 15-20 minutes. Redwood Cove is only 5 minutes by bike, so much closer.

Restaurants & Bars

In Chico you will find everything your heart desires! The Naked Lounge is the best coffee shop you can find. Especially in autumn you can enjoy the pumpkinpie latte there, which is loved by all Americans. I am now one of the pumpkin everything lovers tooThe café is only 2 minutes away from the campus and is very popular with students as there is also free WiFi. If you want to eat “healthy fast food”, I can recommend Pita Pit. The Madison Bear Garden is a combination of bar and restaurant with a dance floor on the upper floor. Happy hour at Tres Ombres is known for their margaritas. In the T. Teabar you can get very tasty iced teas, but the food is also a change, as it is very fresh and healthy by American standards. At Burgers and Brew you can eat good burgers and have a nice sit outside. Just cross the street for a dessert and you’ll get the best frozen yogurt in Chico! You can eat the most delicious cookies in the Upper Crust Bakery.

Celebrate in Chico

It was not for nothing that Chico was one of the No. 1 party university in the whole of the USA. You can celebrate every day if you want. The Riley’s is very popular. It’s an Irish pub with a dance floor. You can dance bull riding and swing at Crazy Horse. At The Beach you have more of a club atmosphere.

You must always have your passport with you at all locations, other IDs are not accepted. The minimum age is 21 years. If you are not yet 21 years old, the well-known “house parties” will be interesting here. These parties are really crazy – can you imagine like in the film – originally like that!

As mentioned, I was there from August to December and thus participated in Halloween. Celebrations take place here for 3-4 days. The whole city is upside down. Chico becomes Chicoween and Chico didn’t get the name for nothing! Since it’s not always that safe at night, definitely take a taxi. It’s not expensive and you will arrive safely. But you will be told again on the introductory days at the university.


You can buy groceries very cheaply at Winco. Located near the mall, so a bit out of the way. It’s good here if you have Americans who have a car. But since the International Office provides “buddies” – American students who take care of you – that shouldn’t be a problem. Trader Joe’s is also very popular because you can also buy German groceries here. Downtown is always a farmers market in summer. I can only recommend. Here you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables and there are also food stalls here.

If you shop at Safeway, be sure to get your club card – you save a lot! You can buy everything at Safeway, but a bit more expensive.


The university has a very nice and large fitness studio, the WREC, which you can use for free. A pool and a jacuzzi are also included.

You can go hiking in Upper Bidwell Park. A trip to “Monkey Face” is worthwhile because you can enjoy a great view.


The ALCI test has not been mandatory since 2015 and therefore you no longer have this additional burden.

Consumer Behavior (MKTG371) with Timothy Heinze

It says here that you must have MKTG305 as a prerequisite. If you take the 305 course at the same time, that’s not a problem and you can easily keep up with the content! Tim was just the best prof. I have seldom laughed as much in a class as I did there. We all agreed: he should have become an actor! As usual in the USA, the course consists of many discussions and projects. We had a mid term and a final plus a group project. You can borrow the book from Amazon. Great course that I can only recommend.

Survey of Marketing (MKTG305) with Kristin Minetti

Kristin is still a very young professor and is super nice. However, her course is very time-consuming as she gives a lot of quizzes and homework. You write 3 mid terms and a final + 1 group project. But since you are always up to date because of the large amount of homework, the exams are very easy and you get good grades. The only disadvantage of this course, however, is that you have to buy the book with an additional online code (cost: $ 130). I can also highly recommend this course.

Survey of Management (MGMT 303) at Peter Straus

Peter is a bit older, but a very good professor. In this course there are weekly quizzes that ask about the material from the last few hours. There are between 10-15 questions, but not very difficult. Simply read through the material and read the book every now and then, then you will be well prepared. 5 assignments with one page each have to be written and a mid term and a final. Again, he will advise you to buy the book with the associated code. But it is not necessary. Just borrow the book, that’s enough. The course is super interesting and you get used to the many quizzes and assignments quickly. Here too: highly recommended.

Human Resource Management (MGMT304)

In this course you write two mid terms. Halfway through the semester, you are divided into groups and you complete a virtual business game. At the beginning of the game you have to submit a report describing the respective strategy. Every week, decisions are made that are entered into the system. You will then immediately receive the results. At the end of the final, the presentation with the respective results will be held. The course was relatively relaxed and is also recommended.


It was the best time of my life ! I lost my heart to California ! You make friends immediately, everyone is open-minded and nice. The campus is beautiful and Chico itself is just a little green paradise ! There is no way you will regret it. Even if the cost is relatively high, it is worth every penny! I am so happy to have had this experience and I would choose Chico again anytime! The International Office takes great care of you! Excursions, potlucks, a Sacramento basketball game, and a graduation ceremony are just a few examples. I always felt that I was in good hands and the whole team took care of every single student.

California State University Chico Study Abroad