California State University Fullerton Student Review

The planning

I was busy planning my semester abroad about a year before the start of my studies. The earlier the better and less stressful the process , but everything can be managed at short notice. Like many others, I chose your website. The support was really outstanding . There was always someone available and my questions were always answered quickly, politely and more than adequately. At this point, once again a big thank you to you. Your website also provides many tips and platforms that can help you a lot. So it definitely makes sense to check out the testimonials Read through other students to adjust to the time there and see what to expect.

The accommodation / apartment search

Most will recommend you to rent an apartment in advance, but it is also relatively easy to find an apartment on site. It just depends on how early you arrive and how flexible you are. I first lived in a hostel so I could look for an apartment from there. I teamed up with a few others there and rented an apartment. Be prepared, however, that you will probably have to share the apartment with several people, as the rents in Fullerton are relatively high compared to Germany. I also noticed that hostels are more of a German thing and that almost all Germans live there. If you want to live with international students and prefer to have an apartment before you arrive, the University Village is a very good alternative for you.

The University

The university in Fullerton is not one of the most beautiful that I have seen in the USA and there are no major sporting events here either, but the university in Fullerton is also relatively large and therefore impressive for us Germans. If I missed something at university, it was football games that would have spread a completely different feeling on campus . If you do go to Fullerton, be sure to check out a college football game somewhere else.


The courses in the USA are definitely all feasible without a great deal of learning, but you often get homework or the like, which are a bit annoying but these are usually very easy and definitely doable. Before you choose the courses, be sure to find out about the lecturers and read the syllabus. The workload can usually be read off there very well. I also planned my courses afterwards.

MKTG 401 – Professional Selling, Cooper

Nice, open woman who knows what she is talking about. The course is not difficult and you learn a lot about selling products. We also had very interesting guest lectures .

MGMT 339 – Managing Operations, Choi

This course was one of the most complex, as the lecturer sets relatively difficult exams, but these are also definitely feasible.

MGMT 365 – Entertainment Business, Fraser

Great lecturer, with the most entertaining lessons , even if the topic hardly interested me. The course was relatively easy and hardly required any effort.

BUAD 310 – Managing Professional and Small Business, Longshaw

Easy course that teaches you how to create a business plan. You get a relatively large number of tasks that you have to do at home, which is a bit annoying. The lecturer is also somewhat scheduled and not always up-to-date. What was really good, however, was that you didn’t have to write an exam at the end and the grade was very good.


Fullerton is the perfect place to travel . We were actually out every weekend. Definitely try to do as much as you can. For example, I’ve seen the whole west coast up to Seattle, I’ve been to Florida, Mexico and Hawaii. You can study anywhere, but be sure to use the time to see the world, anything else would be stupid.

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Conclusion / tips

  • Arrive as early as possible to find an apartment, as it is easier to find one in the beginning. If you still have time after that, you can take a look around California .
  • Definitely buy a car! You are much more flexible with it and you will need it there. If you don’t buy one, you end up having to rent one to travel, which may end up being more expensive.
  • Do as much as possible and put the university on the back burner
  • Don’t book a return flight yet, there are often very good short-term offers. In addition, you are not set on a fixed date when you have to go and you can better plan the time to travel with friends.
  • If you’re going abroad just to speak English, you’re at the wrong place in Fullerton. At the beginning I was shocked how many Germans are there. We had at least 3 Germans in each course and even when partying it was almost always over 50 percent. However, Fullerton is the perfect starting point for traveling and if you are looking for an international group you will manage to speak a little more English.