School and Education in Cameroon

Based on the historical situation, there are still two educational systems in Cameroon, one English and one French. In the English-speaking system, the primary school lasts for 6 years, the secondary school for 5 years and the secondary school for 2 years. In the francophone system, the primary school lasts for 6 years, the secondary school for 4 years and the secondary school for 3 years. According to UNESCO, 29.3% of people over the age of 15 were illiterate in 2007.

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Land area 475,440 km²
Total population 27,744,989
Population density (per km²) 58.4
Capital Yaoundé Yaoundé
Official language English and French
Income per capita 3,700 USD
Currency CFA franc BEAC
ISO 3166 code CM
Internet TLD .cm
License plate CAM
Telephone code +237
Time zone UTC + 1
Geographic coordinates 6 00 N, 12 00 O

Basic education

Children start school at the age of six, and in principle primary school is free and compulsory. While almost all children start in elementary school, only half continue in secondary school. For many of the children, teaching is their first encounter with English or French. Only small attempts have been made with local, African languages ​​as a teaching language.

Cameroon Country Flag

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Higher education

Higher education is offered at state universities and a number of private colleges. About 12% of the population aged 19-23 received higher education in 2011.

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