Car Charge: Microsoft Recharges Smartphone with Lamp

Every Smartphone user knows the problem: you used the pocket computer not only to make calls, the battery makes with rarely more than one day, often even less. Ever think to load. A team of developers from Microsoft is therefore working to charge smartphones without the users therefore must take care. Their solution: A special lamp that detects this Smartphone in the room and then fueled by light beam.
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Solar system for inside

As base of autocharge called technology known solar cells are used. They are the easiest way to fuel a device at the same time. To rely solely on the Sun’s energy has some serious drawbacks: the charging process does not indoors, in bad weather or at night. Therefore, the boffins set on a light as an energy source. Here too an ordinary room light is not enough of course the light scatters too much to deliver sufficient energy. Autocharge therefore relies on a bundled light beam.

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Find my phone

But not stop the difficulties, finally the user can create simply somewhere his device and not only directly under a lamp. Autocharge recognizes therefore smartphones, turns in their direction and irradiated them specifically. For this it has several cameras, also Microsoft’s 3D camera Kinect is part of the prototype. So autocharge know if a device needs electricity, this must signal that by LED light. The device is charged autocharge stops with the radiation and turns any other needy smartphones in the room. So that the light doesn’t bother, Microsoft is considering the use of infra-red light not visible to the people.

Pie in the sky

A functioning prototype already exists, yet not is autocharge promptly on the shelf. So still not a Smartphone, which communicates with the charging lamp does exist, even in the laboratory, Microsoft invites his devices via external solar cells. Also should be available to achieve a real success in the mass market the technology in every room built. Otherwise, you can download devices only in selected rooms. Such distribution appears unlikely even with great optimism. Autocharge so first just an interesting gimmick, without real prospects for the future.

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