Cheriton, Virginia Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to NecessaryHome, Cheriton is a small town located in the northeastern corner of Virginia. It borders the cities of Hampton, Newport News, and Norfolk, as well as the towns of Exmore and Cape Charles. This area is known for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The town of Cheriton is full of history, having been established in 1635 as part of Accomack County. The town was named after Sir Thomas Cheriton, a prominent local politician at the time. Over the years, Cheriton has seen its share of wars and battles, including the Revolutionary War and Civil War. Today, visitors can explore historic homes and buildings throughout the town that date back to this era.

The city of Hampton lies just south of Cheriton, offering visitors a glimpse into colonial America with its many historic sites such as Fort Monroe National Monument or Hampton History Museum. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy here such as kayaking or fishing on Back River or visiting one of Hampton’s award-winning beaches like Buckroe Beach Park or Grandview Nature Preserve.

Newport News lies just east across Hampton Roads from Cheriton and offers plenty for visitors to explore including The Mariners’ Museum & Park which celebrates maritime history with art galleries, ship models, interactive exhibits, and more. There are also plenty of outdoor activities here such as hiking trails at Newport News Park or fishing at Huntington Park Pier & Beach.

Just north along Interstate 64 lies Norfolk – a bustling city full of culture and entertainment options such as museums like Chrysler Museum Of Art or Nauticus National Maritime Center; theaters like Attucks Theatre; music venues like Waterside District; shopping centers like MacArthur Center Mall; professional sports teams like Norfolk Tides (baseball) or Norfolk Admirals (hockey); or even theme parks like Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

Exmore is located just west across Chesapeake Bay from Cheriton and offers visitors a unique experience with its small-town charm and friendly locals who are always happy to welcome guests. Here you can explore local attractions such as Kiptopeke State Park – great for beachgoers looking for sunbathing spots – or Chincoteague Island Wildlife Refuge – home to over 300 species of birds.

Cape Charles is a charming town with plenty of things to see and do. Visitors can explore its historic downtown area, which includes the Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center, Cape Charles Historic District, and the lovely Cape Charles Town Beach. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy here such as kayaking or biking along the scenic Chesapeake Bay Trail or visiting one of the area’s many parks including Kiptopeke State Park or Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge. Visitors can also take a stroll along Mason Avenue for some great shopping and dining experiences.

Cheriton, Virginia

Population of Cheriton, Virginia

Cheriton is a small town located in Northampton County, Virginia. It has a population of around 1,400 people and is part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. The town has a rich history that dates back to the early 17th century when it was first settled by English colonists. Since then, Cheriton has grown and developed into a vibrant community with an abundance of attractions and amenities for both visitors and locals alike.

The town’s population is diverse and includes people from all walks of life. According to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau estimates, the racial makeup of Cheriton is 74% White, 21% African American, 3% Hispanic or Latino, 0.3% Native American or Alaskan Native, 0.2% Asian or Pacific Islander, 0.1% other races and 2% two or more races. The median age of residents in Cheriton is 43 years old with roughly half (50%) of the population being between 18-64 years old while the remaining half (50%) are 65 years or older.

Cheriton residents are well-educated with approximately 24% having obtained at least a bachelor’s degree or higher while another 37% have earned some college education but have not completed their degree program yet. The town’s economy is mainly driven by agriculture as farming remains an important industry in Northampton County with crops such as corn and soybeans being produced on local farms around Cheriton each year. Additionally, there are several businesses located within the town’s limits that provide jobs for locals including restaurants, retail stores and professional services firms such as medical offices and law firms among others.

Cheriton offers its residents plenty of amenities including parks such as Buckroe Beach Park which features an award-winning beach; Grandview Nature Preserve which provides opportunities for hiking and biking; Huntington Park Pier & Beach which offers fishing opportunities; plus various shopping centers and restaurants scattered throughout the area providing plenty to do for people living in this small Virginia town.

Schools and Education of Cheriton, Virginia

According to topschoolsintheusa, Cheriton is home to a variety of schools and educational opportunities. The public school system in Cheriton is served by Northampton County Public Schools, which oversees six elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. These schools are dedicated to providing a quality education for all students and offer a range of programs to meet the needs of the community.

At the elementary level, students attend either Cheriton Elementary School or Central Elementary School for grades K-5. Both schools provide a comprehensive curriculum that includes core subjects such as language arts, math, science and social studies as well as physical education and art classes. Additionally, both schools offer special education services for those who need extra support in any subject area.

Middle school students attend Kiptopeake Middle School where they receive instruction in core academic subjects plus electives such as music, art and technology classes. In addition to these core classes, the school also offers extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs which allow students to explore their interests outside of the classroom setting.

At the high school level, students attend Northampton High School which provides instruction in all required academic subjects plus electives like foreign language classes and career & technical education courses that can help prepare them for college or a career after graduation. The school also offers extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs that allow students to explore their interests further while also forming meaningful relationships with their peers.

In addition to the public school system in Cheriton there is also an array of private schools available for those who choose this option including St. Mary’s Episcopal School which provides an excellent college preparatory program; Hampton Roads Academy which offers a rigorous academic curriculum with Christian values; plus Tidewater Academy which provides an individualized approach to education tailored specifically to each student’s needs and abilities.

No matter what educational path they choose, residents of Cheriton have access to some excellent schooling options that are sure to set them up for success no matter what they pursue in life.

Landmarks in Cheriton, Virginia

Cheriton, Virginia is a charming small town located in Northampton County. This historic town has many attractions for visitors and residents alike. From the beautiful waterfront views to the quaint downtown area, there is something for everyone in Cheriton. Here are some of the most popular landmarks in Cheriton:

The Cheriton Historic District is a beautiful area of town that showcases its rich history and culture. This district includes many well-preserved buildings, including the old Town Hall which dates back to 1885, as well as several churches and other buildings that make up this unique neighborhood. The district also features plenty of green spaces and parks where visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll or simply relax and take in the scenery.

The Cheriton Lighthouse is one of the most iconic symbols of Cheriton. Located on the edge of town, this lighthouse has been guiding ships since it was built in 1884. The structure is still operational today and offers spectacular views of the Chesapeake Bay from its observation deck. Visitors can climb up to the top for an even more impressive view of the bay and surrounding landscape.

The Northampton County Courthouse is another beautiful landmark located within the historic district. Built in 1820, this two-story brick building is an important part of Cheriton’s history and serves as an important reminder of how far this community has come over time. The courthouse houses various county offices such as those dedicated to law enforcement, taxation, business licensing, etc., making it a vital part of local government operations here in Northampton County.

The Eastville Inn & Tavern has been serving locals since 1799. This classic tavern features a cozy atmosphere with lots of nooks and crannies perfect for enjoying a quiet meal or just relaxing with friends after a long day out exploring all that Cheriton has to offer. The inn also hosts live music events throughout the year which adds to its charm and makes it an even more popular spot among locals and visitors alike.

Cheriton also boasts several unique shops including The Cottage Shop which specializes in handmade items crafted by local artisans; Good Earth Goods featuring eco-friendly products; plus Artworks Gallery showcasing works from local artists throughout Northampton County – just to name a few. All these shops offer something special for residents or visitors looking for something special during their visit to Cheriton.

No matter what brings you to Cheriton, you are sure to find something that will delight and captivate you. Whether it’s the beautiful architecture, the fascinating local history, or the unique shops and restaurants – there is something here for everyone. With its picturesque views of the Chesapeake Bay, vibrant culture, and friendly people – Cheriton is truly a special place that deserves to be explored. So come visit today and experience all that this wonderful community has to offer.