Civilization Revolution 2, Comes to Android The Famous Game of Strategy by Shifts of Sid Meier

Finally the developer 2K Games It brings us to our Android popular games saga Civilization Sid Meyer with the launch on Google Play of Civilization Revolution 2, the first game in the series designed exclusively for mobile devices and that premiered last summer on iOS.

Civilization Revolution 2 We will challenge to create a glorious Empire that resist the passage of time in the sequel to one of the best games of turn-based strategy designed for play on touch screens.

This sequel offers improved graphics, new civilization of Korea, new leaders (Lenin the Russian Communist and King Sejong of the Choson), new units, new technologies (urban infrastructure and social security), new buildings (Centre of recycling, stadiums and community centers), universal health and more news.

This installment maintains 16 civilizations in the previous delivery which did not Android, so we go back to the past to be able to meet with leaders such as Napoleon, Isabel la Católica, Gandhi, Churchill, Kennedy or Lincoln.

Civilization Revolution 2 It is priced at 14,42 euros in Google Play and is free of purchasing integrated, what with a single payment can fully enjoy this great game of strategy.

Civilization Revolution 2 Version 1.3

  • Version of Android: Since 3.0
  • Developer: 2K Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: €14.42
  • Category: Strategy