Cleburne County, Arkansas Demographics

Located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in north-central Arkansas, Cleburne County encompasses an area of 717 square miles and is home to over 25,000 residents. The county seat is located in the city of Heber Springs, which also serves as the primary commercial center for the area.

The geography of Cleburne County is varied and includes rolling hills, mountains, forests, and natural springs. The terrain is mostly forested with oak and hickory trees as well as a few stands of pine. There are also several small lakes and streams throughout the county providing a variety of recreational activities for locals and visitors alike.

The climate in Cleburne County features hot summers with temperatures reaching into the high 80s and 90s on average during July and August. Winters are mild with temperatures typically staying above freezing during December through February. Rainfall amounts are generally moderate throughout the year with an average of 43 inches annually. Snowfall rarely occurs but can happen sporadically during winter months with an average yearly accumulation of around 2 inches.

Cleburne County’s population has been steadily increasing since 2000 due to its proximity to larger cities such as Little Rock, Conway, Searcy, and Heber Springs which offer a variety of amenities for residents including shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, schools, medical centers, churches, parks and recreation areas. Additionally, many visitors come to enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing on Greers Ferry Lake or hiking along trails in nearby Greers Ferry National Forest.

Cleburne County offers something for everyone from active outdoor enthusiasts to those looking for a bit more relaxation while enjoying small-town charm in one of Arkansas’ most beautiful counties.

Economy of Cleburne County, Arkansas

Cleburne County has a diverse and vibrant economy that is largely driven by the tourism and service industries. In recent years, the county has seen a steady growth in its population due to its proximity to larger cities such as Little Rock, Conway, Searcy, and Heber Springs which offers a variety of amenities for residents. Additionally, many visitors come to enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing on Greers Ferry Lake or hiking along trails in nearby Greers Ferry National Forest.

The primary industry in Cleburne County is tourism with the majority of jobs related to hospitality and recreation such as lodging, restaurants, entertainment venues, retail stores and parks. The county also has a growing manufacturing sector which focuses on automotive parts production and other light industrial goods. In addition to these two primary industries there are also several smaller businesses in the area that focus on services such as health care, education, construction and transportation.

The agricultural sector is still an important part of Cleburne County’s economy with cattle ranching being one of the most common types of farming activity. Other major crops include corn, soybeans, wheat, hay and cotton. Additionally, there are several vineyards located throughout the county where local wineries produce some of Arkansas’ best wines.

Cleburne County offers a variety of economic opportunities for both residents and businesses alike with its strong tourism industry providing thousands of jobs each year while its manufacturing base continues to expand into new markets. With its close proximity to larger cities like Little Rock, it makes an ideal location for businesses looking for both a skilled labor force as well as access to transportation networks.

Libraries in Cleburne County, Arkansas

According to babyinger, Cleburne County, Arkansas has two public libraries that serve the residents of the county. The first is the Heber Springs Public Library, which is located in the city of Heber Springs and offers a wide variety of materials for both children and adults. It has a large selection of books, magazines, newspapers, audio books, DVDs and CDs. They also provide access to online databases and have computers with internet access available for public use. Additionally, they offer programs such as story times for children and book clubs for adults.

The second library in Cleburne County is the Greers Ferry Public Library located in Greers Ferry. This library also offers a wide variety of materials including books, magazines, newspapers, audio books and DVDs as well as access to online databases. They also provide computers with internet access for public use and offer programs such as summer reading activities for children and book clubs for adults.

Both libraries offer a variety of services to their patrons including reference services provided by knowledgeable librarians who are able to answer questions about topics ranging from local history to current events. Additionally, they have interlibrary loan services which allow patrons to borrow items from other libraries in Arkansas or even other states if they are not available at either one of Cleburne County’s libraries.

The libraries in Cleburne County are great resources for both students looking to do research or simply find something interesting to read as well as residents who are looking to take advantage of all that these facilities have to offer. With their wide selection of materials and knowledgeable staff members, they make an invaluable asset to the community that should be utilized by all who live there.

Cleburne County, Arkansas

Landmarks in Cleburne County, Arkansas

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Cleburne County, Arkansas is the historic Heber Springs Courthouse. This courthouse was built in 1892 and is one of the oldest courthouses still standing in Arkansas. It is a two-story, red brick building with a bell tower on its roof and a large clock that has been ringing out the hours since 1906. The courthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and serves as an important reminder of Cleburne County’s history and culture. See Ehangzhou for best time to visit Arkansas.

Another popular landmark in Cleburne County is Greers Ferry Lake. Covering over 30,000 acres, Greers Ferry Lake is a popular destination for fishing, boating, swimming, camping and other outdoor activities. Located just outside Heber Springs, Greers Ferry Lake has many marinas and public access points where visitors can enjoy its beautiful scenery and wildlife. The lake was created when the Little Red River was dammed in 1962 to form Greers Ferry Lake. Today, it serves as an important source of drinking water for Heber Springs and surrounding communities.