Clinton County, Indiana Demographics

Clinton County, Indiana is located in the central part of the state in the Midwest region of the United States. It is bordered by Tippecanoe County to the north, Benton County to the east, Warren County to the south and Carroll County to the west. The county seat is located in Frankfort, a small city of about 16,000 people.

The geography of Clinton County consists mostly of deciduous forests with some farmland scattered throughout. The terrain is generally flat and slightly rolling with elevations ranging from 600-800 feet above sea level. The county has several creeks and rivers running through it including Big Walnut Creek, Little Walnut Creek, Wildcat Creek and Sugar Creek which all flow into nearby Wabash River.

The weather in Clinton County is typical for a midwestern state with hot summers and cold winters. Average temperatures range from lows around 20 degrees Fahrenheit in January to highs around 85 degrees Fahrenheit in July/August. Precipitation levels are usually moderate throughout most of the year with snowfall usually occurring between November and March.

The population of Clinton County was estimated at 33,738 people as of 2019 according to US Census Bureau estimates. This population is spread out across many small towns and cities within its borders including Frankfort (16,000 people), Colfax (1,500 people), Michigantown (1,200 people) and Mulberry (800 people). The majority of residents are white (90%) followed by African American (4%), Hispanic (2%) and Asian/Pacific Islander (2%). There are also small populations of other races such as Native American or Alaskan Native making up less than 1%. The median household income for Clinton County was estimated at $50,000 as of 2018 according to US Census Bureau estimates which is slightly lower than both Indiana’s overall median household income ($54,000) but higher than the national median household income ($60,000).

Economy of Clinton County, Indiana

Clinton County, Indiana has a diverse economy that is largely supported by agriculture, manufacturing, and retail industries. Agriculture is the primary economic driver for the county, with corn and soybeans being the main crops grown in the area. The county produces over half of Indiana’s corn crop and nearly 20% of its soybean crop each year. Other crops such as hay, wheat, and oats are also grown in smaller amounts. The agricultural sector also includes a variety of livestock such as cattle, sheep, and hogs.

Manufacturing is another important economic sector in Clinton County. Major employers include Caterpillar Inc., ArcelorMittal Steel Company of Indiana, and Frankfort Foundry & Machine Company. These companies produce a variety of products including construction equipment, steel products, automotive parts, and machine tools. The manufacturing industry provides thousands of jobs to residents of Clinton County each year with an average wage that is higher than the statewide median income level for Hoosiers ($54K).

Retail trade is also an important part of Clinton County’s economy. There are several small businesses located throughout the county from specialty stores to grocery stores to restaurants. These businesses provide goods and services to local residents as well as visitors to the area who come for outdoor recreational activities such as fishing or hunting on nearby state parks or forests. The retail trade industry provides additional employment opportunities for residents with an average wage slightly lower than the statewide median income level for Hoosiers ($54K).

Clinton County has a strong economy that is supported by its diverse industries ranging from agriculture to manufacturing to retail trade. This diversity provides residents with employment opportunities across multiple sectors while allowing them to enjoy both rural living and access to larger city amenities like Indianapolis which is only about an hour away by car.

Libraries in Clinton County, Indiana

According to babyinger, Clinton County, Indiana is home to a diverse range of public libraries that serve the needs of the local community. The county’s library system consists of seven branches located in Frankfort, Michigantown, Mulberry, Rossville, Sedalia, and Shirkieville. All branches offer a variety of services including access to books and other media materials, free Wi-Fi access, computers for public use, meeting spaces for community events and programs, and more.

The main branch of the Clinton County Public Library is located in downtown Frankfort. This library offers a wide selection of materials and services such as print books, audiobooks, magazines and newspapers in both print and digital formats. The library also provides access to online databases such as ProQuest Research Library which offers full-text articles from over 6500 academic journals. Additionally, this branch offers free Wi-Fi access as well as computers for public use with Microsoft Office Suite installed on them.

The Michigantown Branch Library is located in the small town of Michigantown about 10 miles south of Frankfort. This branch specializes in providing materials related to local history and genealogy including books on Indiana history as well as historical newspaper archives from the area dating back to 1845. It also offers a variety of children’s programming such as story times and summer reading clubs which help promote literacy among young readers while fostering a love for reading among all ages.

The Mulberry Branch Library is located in the town of Mulberry about 15 miles west of Frankfort. This library provides access to print books along with an extensive selection of eBooks available through Overdrive which can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. It also offers several online databases such as EBSCOhost which provides full-text articles from over 12000 magazines and journals related to various topics including health care information, business news updates, legal research resources, automotive repair manuals and more.

The Rossville Branch Library is located about 25 miles north east of Frankfort in the small town of Rossville near Clinton Prairie High School. This branch specializes in providing resources for students ranging from elementary through high school age including homework help databases such as LearningExpress Library which provides practice tests for college entrance exams like SATs or ACTs along with other educational resources like math tutorials or writing guides. It also offers several children’s programs such as story time sessions designed to promote early literacy skills among young readers while fostering a love for reading among all ages

The Sedalia Branch Library is located just outside Sedalia about 25 miles south east from downtown Frankfort near Interstate 70 exit 78A off State Road 39/ US Highway 36. This library specializes in providing materials related to agriculture including books on farming techniques or agricultural history along with multimedia materials like DVDs featuring documentaries on farming practices around the world or virtual field trips exploring agricultural sites abroad. Additionally, this branch has several online databases such as Academic Search Premier which provides full-text articles from over 8000 academic journals covering topics ranging from agriculture to zoology.

Clinton County, Indiana

Landmarks in Clinton County, Indiana

Clinton County is home to a number of unique and interesting landmarks that make it a great place to visit. One of the most iconic landmarks in the county is the historic courthouse in Frankfort, Indiana. Built in 1881, the courthouse was designed by renowned architect J.C. Johnson and has been beautifully preserved over the years. It is a popular spot for visitors looking to take pictures or learn more about local history. See Ehangzhou for best time to visit Indiana.

Another great landmark in Clinton County is the Rossville Depot Museum, which is located in Rossville, Indiana. The museum offers visitors a look at various artifacts from local history including old photographs of Rossville’s past, a model train display, and even an old caboose that was used by railroaders back in the day. The museum also offers educational programs about local history and even has its own gift shop with souvenirs for sale.

The Clinton County Courthouse Square is another popular spot to visit while in Clinton County. The square features a number of historical monuments such as statues of famous figures like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington as well as memorials dedicated to those who have served our country throughout its history. There are also several shops located around the square making it a great place to find unique gifts or souvenirs from your trip.