DSLR Controller, Manages Your Camera Canon from The Screen of Your Android

Via Engadget Mobile companions discover the application DSLR Controller, that by connecting through a cable USB allows you to control your Canon camera from your Android. A few days ago also we talk about you PhotoIRmote, an application for the same purpose, handling some or all functions of your camera (as it is the case) from your Android.

With PhotoIRmote, at the moment, the connection was made through of a infrared We had to make them, but with DSLR Controller we will do it with a USB cable. The only downside is that with this new application we need to have our Android USB port enabled, functions of USB Host, and this, officially, for the moment only permitting the Samsung Galaxy S II, as I discussed in another post. We could also do it with the 3.1/3.2 Honeycomb tablets that have USB, like the Motorola Xoom, Acer Iconia Tab and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer through your dock-teclado.

Let’s go to the grain, as you can see in the video’s cover, with this application We will access the most important functions of your Canon EOS camera (550 d, 50 d, 7 d, 5 d mk II, and 1 d mk IV) from your mobile phone or tablet and see what the camera sees, with a rate of 15 fps (pictures per second), more than enough to be clear when we want to make the trip, having formerly controlled how we want to leave the picture. Found us a very interesting proposal, which hopefully can expand with more camera models. The only downside is that the application costs 5.99 euros, but surely many will find this reasonable installment price.