Dublin Business School Student Review

I heard about your website from a friend and after a little research I decided to start my semester abroad with them in the winter semester 2019. After a few more weeks it became clear where to go: Dublin, Ireland .

Application process

With the reliable support and advice from your website, the application process was very easy, swift and without any further problems. I decided to take the Sales Certificate at Dublin Business School . The option of getting a full certificate at the end of just one semester while still improving my English in an English-speaking country seemed perfect to me. In retrospect, unfortunately, they spoke a little less English than expected, but more on that later.


Although I was already very advanced with my master’s degree in Germany, the undergraduate courses within the certificate were not too challenging. In principle, one is used to a slightly different level from the German universities, but the rather practical focus within most of the courses was a very welcome change from the sometimes rather dry lectures at the home university. In almost all courses there was a term paper, mostly to be written and presented in groups. The extent of this was very different. This was then supplemented by a feasible exam at the end of the semester. For example, as a project we had to bring an innovative product to the Irish market which was not available before. The result was a presentation pitch, a 70-page report with all the necessary analyzes, a complete marketing program and a website that we created ourselves. But all of this was worked out together with the professor and was really fun as a team ! Of course there were also less fun courses, but I think everyone knows that there will always be.


The Dublin Business School is located in the heart of Dublin and – compared to what we are used to from Germany – unfortunately made a somewhat disorganized impression overall. But that is also something connected to the culture here. The lectures begin “10:00 am ‘ish’” which means something like “about” or more realistically “10 minutes later”. So a lot is done in Ireland. Nevertheless, Ireland and especially Dublin is worth a trip or a semester.

Tourist Attractions

You should definitely use the opportunities to see a little more of the country such as the Cliffs of Moher, the Giant’s Causeway or Belfast in Northern Ireland.


Overall, the people here are super friendly and I haven’t had any unpleasant encounters or experiences during my time here, day or night. And here we have come to perhaps the biggest point: everything outside of the university.


The search for an apartment is a disaster. There are a lot of scam offers and a lot of excessively overpriced accommodations . You should be careful with advertisements on Facebook or other social platforms. Some things are currently being initiated to improve the housing market somewhat, but it will probably remain difficult.

For my part, I moved into a dormitory . That was also very expensive (> 1000 € a month), but in retrospect I wouldn’t do it any differently. We had everything here, including our own gym, small private cinema, new kitchen, etc. There are some good facilities for students here, but you have to invest a certain amount of money. Otherwise you can try to stay with host families or find individual apartments. But you should definitely plan a few weeks and be very careful. What is definitely missing, however, are all the friendships and contacts that you make in the dormitory.

Unfortunately, despite all efforts, you often find yourself in predominantly German circles, which, as previously indicated, that English is not necessarily beneficial, but is still very pleasant. But it still offers the chance to get to know people from all over the world and to spend some sociable hours and nights.

In addition, the lobbies or apartment kitchens offer a good opportunity to meet in advance so as not to invest a fortune in the countless pubs or clubs. A pint of the ‘panacea’ Guinness can hardly be found under € 5 and is still one of the cheaper drinks! Nevertheless, the city center, its pubs, clubs and student parties are looking for their equal. We had an excellent time here and friendships were made that will certainly last well beyond the time of the semester abroad.


As a summary you can probably say: Anyone who is in the mood for a beautiful country and a colorful and lively city , who is looking for an interesting overall package of courses in the English-speaking world and who does not only care about the semester abroad from a purely academic sense, is in Dublin and Dublin Business School are just right within one certificate.

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