Five Years ipad: How Tablets Captured The Everyday Life

What for a change: five years ago, Steve Jobs took the stage and presented the first ipad the world. The Tablet weighed then whopping of 740 grams and was part of a controversial product group. Many rivals, including Microsoft, had previously tried to establish the tablet in the households of the customers always in vain. First, Apple succeeded in places to displace the computer and profitably market tablets. Half a decade later have ipad air 2 and ipad mini 3 long the seat of the former heavyweight taken and do not only significantly more, but bring with 444 or 341 grams less. Because one was always important to Apple: A tablet had to be handy and use relaxing. 2015 you the question arises where the journey goes to after years of product care, however. Retains the familiar versions with Apple? Tried it a different direction? The following photo gallery recapitulates all stations on the way to the modern ipad from heavy and thick to airy thin.

Ipad five years: past, present, future

Sufficiently, there are rumors of a new generation of ipad. But is it by 2015 seems not only to new processors and even less weight, but a whole new magnitude. Whopping 12 inches that you want to offer the ipad Pro or ipad air plus. Most recently surprised Apple with the giant iphone 6 plus if you lose the fear of large screens on the Tablet market? Perhaps we will learn in March already, because this is a keynote month for years for Apple and also the last chance, the hot discussed Apple Watch as announced to start in the first quarter.

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