Fred Perry Made Tribute to Japanese Culture with Its Origami Blank Canvas Collection

Japanese culture lovers are in luck. Many are the times that in recent months, special collections have been dedicated to the Japanese people, especially on the occasion of the tsunami that destroyed the country. This time, however, the dedication goes beyond mere fundraising and supposed clear inspiration from the Origami Blank Canvas Collection.

With this collection, Fred Perry It pays tribute to the origami, cherry blossom and the rising sun. The few images that illustrate the items that make up the line reveal that shirts with Oriental motifs and the Poles constitute the central element.

No one imagines Fred Perry unless it comes to mind the classic polo shirt with the laurel wreath that iconiza to the firm. This time it wasn’t going to be less, although the Poles have rejuvenated with mosaics of the oriental origami style.

Either we can forget moles, that symbol so Spanish that the Japanese have been able to adapt to their culture like no one else. For which interests you, the price of the poles is of 100 euros and the shirt, 120.

It is not the first time that Fred Perry is inspired by the culture of a country to create a garment. Already months ago you gave to know his t-shirt with the flag britanicar and who knows if in the future you will design something dedicated to Spain. Espremos to view the. How about at the moment your Origami Blank Canvas Collection?