School and Education in Gabon


Gabon has compulsory schooling between the ages of six and 16. The training is provided by the state but also in collaboration with various Catholic missions and other private schools. Elementary school starts at six years of age and lasts for five years. About 4/5 of the children start primary school, where the proportion of girls is as high as the proportion of boys. The upper secondary school lasts a maximum of seven years, divided into two levels of four and three years respectively. The school system has a strong influence on the structure and content of the French.

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Gabon has three universities, Université Omar Bongo in Libreville, Université des Sciences et Techniques in Masuku and Université des Sciences de la Santé in Owendo. The reading and writing skills of the adult population (over 15 years) were estimated in 2009 to total 88% (91% for men and 84% for women).

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