School and Education in Gambia

In Gambia the education follows a 6-3-3 system, where the primary school lasts for 6 years, the secondary school for 3 years and the secondary school for 3 years. According to UNESCO, in 2011, 49% of the population over 15 years were illiterate.

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Gambia Country Flag

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Basic education

The official school age is 7 years. In principle, the primary and lower secondary school is free and compulsory. In 2011, about 70% of seven-year-olds started primary school. English is the most important language of instruction, but in most places the first three classes are taught in local languages. The Qur’anic schools teach Arabic. A majority of the high schools in the country are private.

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Higher education

Higher education is offered at the University of The Gambia, which was established in 1999 and is the country’s only university, as well as at four colleges.