GPS Android: Copilot Live, Offline Browser with Many Options

Continuing with the special’s GPS Android, Today we bring you CoPilot Live, a GPS Navigator from which we have already spoken in any other occasion but now southbound in depth. CoPilot Live is a product of the company ALK that we can buy directly from the Android Market.

The main feature of CoPilot Live, in my opinion, both version 8 and the recently launched Premium is that the maps reside on the phone and no need to have a connection to the Internet and other products to guide us. This makes it very interesting in trips abroad, where connections to the Internet in roaming are expensive.

CoPilot Live, guiding us to our destination

CoPilot Live is a GPS Navigator with all necessary functions to guide us to your destination. We have a visualization in 3D, the most common in this type of programs, but also in 2D from the top and one that gives us indications of schematically.

In addition it gives us directions orally, it could not be less. We can choose between different voices, male and female, and we can also opt to use a voice synthesizer, in the style of Google Maps Navigation, which then read us streets that we must turn, which facilitates the guidance.

At the bottom of the screen you can see two parameters that you want to display at all times, as the hour of estimated arrival, distance to destination, time to destination, current speed … to my personally I’d like to see three parameters: distance to destination, arrival time and speed, but you can only see two. I am capricious? Perhaps, but in this regard it can be improved.

In 2D and 3D view It also shows us an indication of the two following maneuvers that we need to do schematically, accompanied by the distance that must be carried out. Very useful especially in the case of roundabouts, at a quick glance we know what we have to do.

CoPilot Live, many options guiding

CoPilot Live allows route planning either for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. We can also choose the faster trayeto (it is usually optimal), shortest (not usually a good idea, since the highways are preferable), the most economical or even avoiding highways if we are capricious. We can also avoid tolls.

If there is a street cut or something that prevents us from going along the path chosen have the possibility to ask for a alternative route avoiding a street or highway. We can also plan a stop somewhere specific, for example a gas station and GPS will take us directly to that place and then continue with the route.

By putting any downside to these options I would say that they are somewhat hidden, they could be more accessible or have less depth of menus, above all to avoid a road concrete. As always this is matter of taste.

CoPilot Live, hard to Miss

The good thing about Copilot is that it is difficult to get lost, go wrong with directions that it gives us. When we arrived at a crossroads of highways, for example, it tells us by Rails that we must follow. In the Premium version this improves even more, and we can see the posters in a very similar way to as they are in reality.

And as in all GPS, if we make a mistake, quickly make a recalculation of the route to reach our destination quickly. What should be improved, to my mind, is that if a couple of times the driver avoids meddling by a concrete site, performing a new recalculation avoiding the street/road, since it can be cut and the driver can’t get to touch the screen of the Android.

In addition the points of interest database coming together with maps is very good. Many things are and it’s easier to find it directly within the application that having to search the Internet address specific site to which we want to go.

CoPilot Live, many options

CoPilot Live options are abundant. For example, maps for the day are clear, and at night are dark, to not dazzle us. That’s a small detail that is appreciated, and of course it is configurable.

We can also have SpeedCAM alerts, While not the most powerful application in this sense, it has problems with the direction in which the radar applied. Sometimes it warns of a radar, but in reality it is the other way of driving. We can also set speed limits to warn us if we overcome it.

The orientation of the display is configurable. In principle you use the detector of the phone, like the rest of Android applications, but we can fix it manually. And we also can do that the screen not turn off automatically, and is perfectly normal. But we can also do that if there are no turns in a few kilometers go by turning off the display and restarted at the right time, to save battery power.

CoPilot, conclusions

In short, CoPilot Live is a good GPS Android if you want to have maps directly on the phone or if you want more guidance than with Google Maps Navigation Options. It is highly configurable and although some details missing, the majority of users are happy with it.

The big drawback of this GPS is the price, and not because believe that it should be cheaper (that would be somewhat arbitrary) but seems very strange to me that software with maps of Europe cost about 60 euros and on the other hand the same software with maps of USA does not reach 10 euros. I think that they should have different pricing policy.