Grant Town, West Virginia Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to NecessaryHome, Grant Town is a small town located in Marion County, West Virginia. It is situated on the banks of the Monongahela River and is bordered by the cities of Fairmont, Mannington, and Morgantown. The town was founded in 1817 and named after then-President Ulysses S. Grant. It has a population of just over 1,000 people and is known for its rural charm and friendly atmosphere.

The town features many historical sites that attract visitors from all over the state and beyond. One of the most popular attractions is the Grant Town Historical Museum which houses a variety of artifacts from the town’s past including photographs, documents, and artifacts related to local history. The museum also offers guided tours that provide insight into Grant Town’s past as well as special events throughout the year such as reenactments and festivals.

Grant Town also has several parks where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, biking trails, tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic areas, and more. The nearby Monongahela National Forest provides additional opportunities for outdoor recreation such as camping, hunting, boating, fishing, horseback riding trails and stunning mountain views.

The city also has several nearby attractions that offer unique experiences to its visitors such as Pricketts Fort State Park which features a reconstructed fort from 1774 or Tygart Lake State Park which allows visitors to enjoy swimming or boating on its lake or take in beautiful views from atop its observation tower.

Grant Town is also home to several restaurants offering delicious local cuisine such as Italian food at Roma’s Pizza or classic American comfort food at Sam’s Diner & Grill. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities available with stores ranging from antique shops to specialty stores offering unique items from around the world.

Grant Town offers plenty of activities for visitors to experience while visiting this charming West Virginia town. Whether it’s exploring historical sites or enjoying outdoor recreation there is something for everyone here.

Population of Grant Town, West Virginia

Grant Town, West Virginia is a small rural community located in Marion County, West Virginia. According to anycountyprivateschools, with a population of just over 1,000 people, Grant Town is a tight-knit community that offers its residents a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. The majority of the population is white (93%), with the remaining 7% consisting of African Americans and other minority groups. The median age in Grant Town is 45.5 years old with just over half (53%) of the population being between the ages of 18 and 64 years old.

The median household income in Grant Town is $41,438 with just under 18% of families living below the poverty line. Most residents are employed in either retail or hospitality industries as there are few job opportunities outside of these two sectors within the town itself. There are also many local businesses that provide employment to residents which include grocery stores, restaurants, and other services.

Education is also important to the residents of Grant Town as evidenced by its high school graduation rate which stands at 95%. In addition to public schools there are also several private schools located within the town providing students with educational options beyond what public schools can offer.

Residents in Grant Town are served by several medical facilities including a local hospital as well as several clinics and specialty centers for more specialized care needs such as dental care or physical therapy. There are also numerous churches located throughout town providing spiritual guidance and support to its citizens.

Grant Town offers its residents a peaceful rural lifestyle where people can enjoy quality time outdoors while also having access to amenities such as healthcare facilities and educational opportunities when needed. As such it provides an ideal environment for those looking for a place to call home.

Grant Town, West Virginia

Schools and education of Grant Town, West Virginia

Grant Town, West Virginia is home to several educational institutions, providing students with the opportunity to pursue a variety of educational paths. The town is served by Grant County School District, which provides public education for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The district operates six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. Additionally, the district offers several special programs for students such as English language learners and those with special needs.

Grant High School is the sole high school in the district and serves around 900 students in grades nine through twelve. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes core subjects such as math, science, and English as well as elective courses such as art and music. Advanced placement classes are available for those who wish to challenge themselves academically. In addition to traditional classes, Grant High School also provides a variety of extracurricular activities including sports teams, academic clubs, and student organizations.

In addition to public schools, Grant Town also has several private schools providing alternative options for families seeking an alternative education path for their children. These include parochial schools such as St. James Catholic School which offers pre-kindergarten through eighth grade classes or Calvary Christian Academy which provides pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade classes. Both of these private schools offer a faith-based education with an emphasis on spiritual growth in addition to traditional academic subjects.

Higher education options are also available in Grant Town via Fairmont State University located just outside of town limits offering undergraduate degrees in various fields such as business administration or education as well as graduate programs in areas such as nursing or counseling psychology. Additionally, there are numerous technical schools located throughout Marion County that provide certificate programs allowing students to gain specialized skills quickly without having to pursue traditional college degrees first.

Grant Town offers its residents access to quality educational opportunities whether they are pursuing traditional college degrees or more specialized vocational training programs – ensuring that all students have the chance to pursue their dreams.

Landmarks in Grant Town, West Virginia

Grant Town, West Virginia is a small town located in Marion County with a population of just over 2,000 people. The town is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and boasts stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Grant Town is home to many landmarks that make it unique and worth visiting.

One of the most popular landmarks in Grant Town is the historic Grant Town Bank building which was constructed in 1910. This two-story structure features a unique brick façade with ornate accents which make it stand out from other buildings in the area. Inside, visitors can explore the bank’s original artifacts including cashier cages, old-fashioned teller windows, and vintage furniture. The Grant Town Bank building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and remains a popular tourist attraction today.

Another popular landmark in Grant Town is the Old Mill Inn which dates back to 1845 when it was built as a flour mill for local farmers. Today, this picturesque inn has been restored to its former glory and offers guests an atmosphere reminiscent of days gone by with its cozy guest rooms and rustic decor. The inn also features an onsite restaurant and bar as well as outdoor activities such as fishing or canoeing on nearby rivers and streams.

The beautiful St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is another landmark worth mentioning when discussing Grant Town’s attractions. This Gothic Revival style church was constructed in 1862 and features stained glass windows, intricate woodwork, and breathtaking stone arches – making it one of the most visually stunning churches in all of West Virginia. St Andrew’s Episcopal Church hosts regular services throughout the year as well as special events such as weddings or funerals that draw visitors from all around town to witness its beauty firsthand.

Finally, no discussion about Grant Town would be complete without mentioning Stone Mountain Park – one of West Virginia’s premier natural attractions located just outside town limits that offers miles of hiking trails for exploring or simply relaxing outdoors among some breathtaking scenery. Stone Mountain Park also includes picnic areas for enjoying meals al fresco or having family gatherings while admiring views of lush forests and cascading waterfalls below – making it an ideal destination for nature lovers from near or far.