School and Education in Guyana

It is a 10-year compulsory school for anyone aged 5 to 15 years. The primary school is 6 years old. The high school is 5 years old. 98% of children attend compulsory school, 70% of young people in high school. There is one university, the University of Guyana, and several higher education institutions, including a teacher’s college. Adult illiteracy was estimated at approx. 2% in 2003.

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Guyana – Georgetown


Georgetown, capital of Guyana; 118,400 residents (2013). Georgetown, which is the country’s largest city and most important port, is located on the River Demera’s outlet in the Atlantic. The climate is hot and humid. The business sector is mainly built around exports of rice and sugar as well as shipping timber, bauxite, gold and diamonds from the country’s interior. The city has a university (founded in 1963).

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In 1784 the British colony of Georgetown was conquered by the Dutch and renamed Stabroek. Again under British rule in 1812 it re-named Georgetown. Architecture from the colonial era is preserved.

Guyana Country Flag

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