Hawaii Pacific University Student Review

Aloha to all students who love to travel and are thirsty for experience. Before my experiences will hopefully accompany you on your way to Hawaii, but above all support you, a few words.

The following lines should help you to enjoy an unforgettable experience optimally prepared, as I and my friend did in Hawaii. Because Hawaii is not just a university or a chain of islands in the Pacific, but a way of life!

1. Organization

As you can see from the previous lines, my friend took an incredible amount of work off my feet in organizing this exciting project. In addition, there was the help of a fellow student. Although I had tremendous support in organizing my semester abroad, I have to admit that a preparation time of 6-9 months is definitely necessary.
You have a lot of work to do. The first contact with your website and the HPU, obtaining the necessary information about the visa, the flight and and and … Believe me, this is just the beginning.
After the approval from the HPU, you can quickly arrange an appointment at the embassy. The appointment can be made online or by phone for a fee. A phone call necessarily takes about 10 minutes. One minute costs € 2. In general, you will come across a few incalculable costs on your way to Hawaii. If you have any questions that come up spontaneously, the person you trust at your website will always be there to help and advise.

When it comes to booking the flight, compare as much as you can. If it is possible and cheaper, look for a flight from another airport, possibly from the “area” or in another (adjacent) country. Prices can vary a lot. I paid around € 1200. Cheaper is definitely possible.

3. Housing

Me and my girlfriend came to Oahu, Hawaii on the earliest possible date of entry to give us a head start over the many other future HPU students. Because the housing market in Hawaii and especially in Waikiki is fiercely competitive and good bargains in particular are rare. We paid $ 1100 / month for our apartment in Waikiki on Nohonani Street, which is 2 blocks from the world famous Waikiki Beach. The rent is usually paid by money order if the landlord does not live in the immediate vicinity. If you don’t know what a money order is (that’s what happened to me) please inform yourself. If you have a money order issued, do so in the Post Office (across from Eggs & Things). It’s cheap there and you can send it straight away. You should also note

4. Travel

As just mentioned, me and my girlfriend arrived in Hawaii at the first possible entry point. After we found our accommodation within the first week, we started our 21-day trip to the islands of Big Island, Maui and Kauai. As for this trip, I have to honestly say it was the most beautiful and at the same time the most exhausting of my life so far. I have gathered so many different impressions on these so different islands that I still find it difficult to answer the question “And how was Hawaii?” But it was also exhausting because you have to move out of the hotel (hiking up to 7 hours) to see something. And there really is more than enough to see.
This trip cost $ 1200 dollars. Flights, hotels and rental cars were included.
Of course it is also possible to do a Hawaii round trip during the semester, but not 21 days in a row, or on Thanksgiving. The latter could prove to be difficult and costly, as everyone would want to travel to the other islands during this period and a compact car can cost three to four times as much instead of around $ 30. The same goes for the hotels if they are not already fully booked.
But the bottom line is that a trip to the other islands is a trip to paradise. My all-time favorite is Kauai, which is pretty much the same as many others will confirm.

5. Shopping

Leave the suitcases empty !!! Even if some brands are a little more expensive than on the mainland, clothing is still cheap in Hawaii! The shops on Kalakaua Ave, the Ala Moana Shopping Center and the Outlet Center offer shopping opportunities. To ask?

6. Food & Party

There is no shortage of restaurants in Waikiki. There is actually food from a wide variety of cultures. And believe me – it tastes good! Take care of your pounds !!!
When it comes to going out, I immediately think of two locations and days: Tuesday Moose’s $ 1 Party and Thursday Red Lion $ 1 Party. The Ala Moana Center in Club Pearl is more exclusive. Once a month, more precisely on the first Friday of the month, Downtown Honolulu is turned upside down! The cafe and bar district is transformed into a party mile. Have fun on my part.

7. University

The best comes last! Joke! At the beginning I had the feeling that I would not leave the apartment this semester. You are literally overrun by the intensity of work. Compared to Germany, the university system is much more scholastic. There is something to do every day. Writing essays is high on the agenda. But don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, you can divide your time more than generously. The qualitative standard can in no way be compared with that in Germany. This makes it possible to get good grades despite a relaxed life. So here are the three steps to success again:

  1. Get the hang of it
  2. Sit down and do it
  3. Drop good grades and enjoy life

As for the choice of courses, I do not want to recommend anything to you, as everyone should choose the courses that are necessary for themselves.

As for getting the books for your courses, I’ll give you a tip that will save you hundreds of dollars. Go to www.dealoz.com and buy the books online and not in the HPU Bookstore. It may take a week or two to get them, but it’s worth it. I paid $ 110 for my books, whereas some others paid $ 700 and more!

To get around the island of Oahu, get a semester bus card for $ 102 from the HPU Bookstore. You shouldn’t rely on the bus times. Relax and don’t forget that you are in Hawaii – people like to wait for the bus!

Finally, I would like to get rid of two things:
Hawaii – I will never forget you!

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