Heart 401AB: Mobile Without Features, But With A Heart

Every country in the world has peculiarities, which produce only shake your head at outsiders. So, the whole world wonders why German couples shortly before their wedding mass utensils smashed. But hardly a society appears so intrinsically as the Japanese. Only in the land of the rising sun, you can bring a bizarre mobile heart-shaped on the market and expect a sales success despite technology from the last millennium.

At the heart

The heart 401AB by Ymobile offers basically technically nothing, what Smartphone fans covet. Everything turns out SMS, Internet, email, Facebook or even apps. Only phone calls can be with the device. Even for the transfer of up to 100 contacts, a Smartphone with matching app is necessary. Taxes can be the heart of a touch interface. How this will work, however guilty remains Ymobile. It is only clear turn of the heart to make calls in the form of a peanut. So it should fit better in narrow women’s hands.

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Blinded by love

Resolves the screen with underground 128 x 36 pixels. Given the grobpixligen image is hardly in the weight that the monochrome display even dominated the representation of colors. Also on the battery, the mobile heart is lean equipped: after data it ranges from Ymobile for two hours of talk time needed three hours to recharge. After all, there’s an also heart-shaped charging plug. Maximum of 160 hours standby time is remarkable. Based but especially from the lack of all energy guzzlers such as WLAN or Bluetooth receiver.

A heart for kitsch

Outside of Japan, the bizarre cell phone has hardly a chance, on the domestic market, Japan connoisseur but see prospects of a sales success. There, many mobile operators sell tariffs without phone line, such as Ymobile. They are aimed especially at Smartphone users who have even a small phone only to make phone calls while. For such customers, the heart from March 2015 in Japan is available even in a special variant: experts trust the sailor moon Edition particularly good opportunities.

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