Here Is Super Easy Jailbreak for Windows RT

The first jailbreak for Windows RT was a complicated affair, now there’s a new hack that super easy jailbreak.

We have a few days ago on our site told that Windows RT for tablets is jailbroken. A few days ago it was a complicated affair to engage in, but now there’s a new hack that makes that super easy for anyone to jailbreak his Windows RT tablet, writes The Next Web.

Some might think it is needlessly to jailbreak a brand new toy, but the fact is that it opens completely new doors in terms of desktop applications that can be installed.

Microsoft has put a limitation in that blocked for unaccredited programs. This lockout is removed with the new hack, and the doors will be opened to a greater selection of programs.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have gotten their hands on a tablet with Windows RT, our site from abroad, so you can at your own risk try forces with the new Windows RT Jailbreak Tool from XDA-developers.