Hot Springs Story, Manages Your Own Thermal Baths

Kairosoft, that small but great developer It brought us games as Grand Prix Story or Game Dev Story, games that gamers androideros we loved most, surprises us with another game aimed at a public more specific and will be mixed together Japan with local management as in Classic Theme Hospital and Theme Park World Games that so successfully harvested in the 90s. It is of Hot Springs Story, where We will manage a hot springs bath house, popular in Japan accommodation.

Kairosoft specialises in the resource management gamess, and here we find with its greatest exponent of complexity without losing a game easy to understand and handle system. With a new game, we will start with a couple of rooms that will allow us to accommodate people that remain to sleep and spend more in our facilities, and two bathrooms, logo of the game, one for men and another for women.Using our resources we must invest in new rooms, bathrooms and various facilities that will allow us to get more revenue, as machines vending, pachinko machines (the Western equivalent would be a mix of pinball and slot machines), souvenir shops, restaurants, table tennis rooms and various other rooms. If we want to increase the effectiveness and the price of the rooms, we can resort to decorate the area with trees, flowers and rocks, among other things, and use items that will improve the characteristics of the rooms.

But is not at all to put rooms without rhyme nor are, since some rooms powers to each other, as the groups of rooms, and others to repel, as the pachinko halls and rooms by the noise. In addition, also we must take into account our clients, since you are divided by sex (men and women) and age (youth, adults and elders) and a classification for groups where come families and couples, who tend to carry more cash to spend. If we please our customers, your satisfaction will increase and with it the popularity of customers of their profession (businessmen, women in business, martial artists, students, programmers and one wide range of client types) and will appear more frequently and with more money, in addition each one will give us a few bonuses such as find more objects and make advertising more effective. If popularity is sufficient for some types of client, they will call us invest in people to improve its attractive tourist and residential, unlocking new characters with more money, but at the same time more demanding and that it will cost us more pleasing, although it be worth by the amount of money that will take. All this so that staying vote us in several magazines that are published every six months, each with a theme (overall, food, landscapes, for women…) and popularity, giving us money and access to other top journals if we get a good job.

As for the graphics, Kairosoft demonstrates again that his specialty is the theme of pixel of the 1990s, with graphics that while non-graphical marvel that have other games, not only do not clash, but are perfect for this types of games, with well differentiated and developed characters and a few details of the rooms and objects that fit completely in the style of the game. If we look at the paragraph sound, we will only find a repertoire of tracks that do not reach the ten between songs and ringtones with a very marked last century style, which in long games can be hard to bear, but it fixes by removing perfectly sound, although it should not be so.

If you are a lover of resource management games and you loved it in the Theme Park World time and Game Dev Story, This game can not miss in your collection, and less now that you are receiving a 60% discount leaving it in a ridiculous € 2.08 that worth that it entertains you this game.

Hot Springs Storyversion 2.2

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Kairosoft
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: 2.08€
  • Category: Games