How to Avoid White Hair

To prevent white hair a natural feature of aging, there are certain strategies that you can adopt as protect your hair from the sun and avoid stressful environments.

How to Avoid White Hair 1

However, we have the white wires is common with aging, especially after 45 years of age and the appearance of white hair derives from genetic inheritance, after the fall of hair high or weaker strands, for example.

Still, there are no studies that prove that the white hair can be avoided entirely, however it is believed that a few tips can help.

Ways to slow down the white wires

Some tips that may help delay the emergence of white hair, include:

  • Relax and avoid environments or situations that are very stressful, because chronic stress contributes to premature aging of the hair;
  • Protect your hair from the sun, because the UV rays reduce the elasticity of the wires, hung them, and gives them an appearance opaque;
  • Not smoking, as smoking accelerates the aging process;
  • Increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin B-12as salmon, chicken, turkey, milk, cheese, eggs, oysters and liver, because they improve the irrigation of the hair bulb.

These strategies only slow down the appearance of white hair, do not prevent them to appear, because the appearance of white hair happens naturally with advancing age, and there is still no solution that does away completely with the white hair.

How to Avoid White Hair 2

Strategies to cover the white hair

Dye your hair, or do hair, there are two ways to cover the white hair, but also these are not definitive.

The dye of Henna Surya is a good option, because this natural product changes the color of the hair without changing the structure of the yarn and this dye lasts on average 20 days and costs about 23 real.

In addition to these measures, it is important to pay attention to any issue you may have, such as, for example, in the thyroid, because a change in this gland can lead to the appearance of white hair, or digestive problems that may interfere with the absorption of nutrients.

How to Avoid White Hair 3