HP Stream 7: Windows Tablet for 99 Euros in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

For $99, the stream of 7 struck very neatly: pace of work and facilities are ok, Office there are 365 and 1-terabyte-cloud storage free for a year. The red pencil, HP has applied elsewhere: display, cameras and battery life (around 8 hours) are significantly improved. Order this product at Amazon Pro acceptable pace memory expandable Office 365 and 1 terabyte of cloud storage for one year free contra moderate image quality something tight battery life clunky and hard for a 7-incher Windows of inconvenient test note of the editorial 2.46 good users rating (out of 1 reviews) Microsoft’s market share in tablets is underground: currently works only one of every 20 device with Windows. Not better it looks for Intel: also the electronics giant Gets a foot in the door of the tablet. That is why the motto for both companies: market share at any price! Intel squandered its processors with huge discounts and there are Microsoft’s Windows 8 licenses for tablets with maximum 8-inch display diagonal currently free. That pleases the customer: cheap Windows tablets are finally to have. HP with the stream of 7 on the shelf price is the first: only 99 euros.

Clunky and hard

The stream 7 is truly no tidbits: the 7-inch Tablet (17.8 cm diagonal) is less than 1 centimeter thick and 350 grams this is pretty clunky. By comparison, the much larger 8-incher Sony Z3 Tablet Compact is with 268 grams significantly easier.

HP stream 7: product and detail photos

View 7 images HP stream 7 standard display

Image playback assumes a default display in the HP: photos and videos it shows only 1280 x 800 pixel image sharpness is not particularly high. Much more annoying: The HP creates only a maximum brightness of 381 candela per square meter. With lots of Sun, so hardly anything on the display is visible: who wants to surf or read about ebooks on holiday so, needs a shady place.

Precise touch screen

On the touch screen, there is nothing to complain about: he responds quickly and accurately. The operation of Windows 8 is however remains quite inconvenient and unfortunately is not a pen. Who wants to send to a mobile phone for example a photo via Bluetooth in desktop mode, needs so slender, pointed fingers, to not constantly in addition to tap.

The best tablets

41 devices Leaderboard: tablet computer Office and 1 terabyte of cloud storage

Working with Word and Excel is similar to fiddly but HP apps provide at least! Office 365 staff (Word, Excel, powerpoint, onenote, Outlook, access) and 1 terabyte of cloud storage on one drive there for a year free (value: at least 69 euros) a real hammer.

Cameras from the stone age

Who wants to film or take pictures with the Tablet, should prepare a for disappointments: the cameras are worthless. The front lens captures users in videocalls vaguely ridiculous 0.3 megapixels, the rear 2-megapixel model delivered fuzzy pictures with pale colors in the test. After all, the store (17.1 GB free) via microsd card can be extended: for photographers, that is no consolation, but music fans can draw out the full.