HTC Desire 820: Selfie Phablet in the Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The new model of the desire series is a low-cost Android alternative to the iphone 6 plus. The 5.5-inch screen offers crisp appearance and is sufficiently sharp despite missing full-HD resolution. The operation is easy by hand, the processing is good. Shortcoming: it has installed the battery set. Best price on the Internet: 181,95 euro * per order this product at Amazon bright, sharp HD LCD threesome LTE data Turbo good work pace ordinary front and rear-view camera intuitive memory card slot counter battery not replaceable assessment of editorial good users rating now evaluate where other manufacturers to attract of the widest possible audience vie HTC wants to inspire with new equipment primarily demanding teens and Selfie fans. With the desire of the eye, the Taiwanese company sent a Smartphone on the market, which attracts Selfie photographer with a good equipment, as well as an above-average front-facing camera. But even at the lower desire series you want to always convince with good camera lenses. Now comes the HTC desire 820, which so to speak in the footsteps of the middle-class predecessor desire 816. It offers two above-average cameras along a 5.5 HD display, LTE-data Turbo and 64-bit processor. Learn how the Phablet in everyday life suggests, here.

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HTC desire 820 is a candidate for those seeking a chic Android alternative to the iphone 6 plus. What do you get for half the price? HTC desire 820: Android Phablet iphone 6 plus format

Design: also plastic feels good

How of the previous HTC desire 816, the desire of 820 in several color variations is available. The white-and blue device was allowed to watch the Our site editors, which looks slimmer because of the colorful frame than it is already with 7.74 millimeters thick with his. Class! For comparison, the iphone 6 plus is 7.8 millimeters thick (including the lens). In contrast, the manufacturer at 820 aluminum rather than plastic desire uses HTC one (M8), top model. Despite polycarbonate case the desire of 820 seems good and stabilien, if it appears even less noble than the current flagship. The Phablet lies comfortably in the hand due to clean processing and the rounded edges. Improper clearances have been identified. However, fingerprints smudging the front and back quickly. The dimensions of the device (158 x 79 x 7, 7 mm) complicate the one-handed operation.

First impressions of the HTC desire 820


The display of the HTC desire 820 measures 5.5 inches and has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. While this is less than the full HD resolution of the iphone 6 plus or HTC one. But in practice that does not fall on thanks to the high quality of the display, especially as the sharpness of 320 dpi is approximately at the level of the retina display in the iphone 6. Also look strong how natural colors and contrast is right. Also, the Phablet shines bright enough to read it well even in direct light. The brightness sensor reacts quickly and proved useful in test mode to change the display to the Gegenheiten to adapt.


In HTC desire Pocket 820 a Snapdragon-615-four 1.5 gigahertz processor fast processing cores and four cores with a clock speed of one gigahertz. Special highlight: it’s the mobile phone to a 64-bit processor 9 to a few devices that offer this powerful chip architecture includes the Samsung Galaxy A7, ARCHOS 50 diamond, as well as the nexus. In addition, the manufacturer used a powerful Adreno-405-graphics chip. The device shows a good work rate, if the device at the factory, only the operating system Android 4.4 installed kitkat is a 32-bit system. First, 5.0 lollipop can take full advantage of the 64-bit processor architecture with the update to Android. Yet the desire 820 settled liquid use and graphically intense title, about asphalt 8 airborne or Riptide GP2, ran without blemishes. The device worked rapidly also in the presentation of Web pages. In the benchmark with Geekbench-3, reached the 820 desire a nuclear power from 2.636 points and placed it right in front of the nexus 9 (2.538 points) but behind the Samsung Galaxy S5 2.836 points. Compared with the single-core reached the HTC Phablet, 160 points 700 points less than the nexus 9 (860 points).


As the predecessor has the desire of 820 own sense interface 6.0. Thus, the user interface is not only stylish, but offers some convenient features as an extreme sleep mode, as well as the news feeder blinkfeed. Especially the sense keyboard convinces with useful features: to save Web content, enter text by voice or words can be prompt. Navigation you use in addition to the physical buttons for the volume, and to turn a virtual menu bar. She disappears but conveniently, if you play videos or games. You swipe your finger from top to bottom on the screen, make the menu bar and the status bar back to the display.


The two built-in cameras are the most technical highlights in addition to the 64-bit processor. The manufacturer uses the front camera 8 Megapixels, the rear lens offers a resolution of 13 megapixels. Both the front than the back camera also snap not only images, but filming also videos in full HD-resolution. In the test convinced both artificial eyes with an ordinary image quality, especially for a device in the mid-size car segment. Colors worked vigorously on the test photos and of course, still problems plagued the contrast, if the desire to represent 820 extreme differences in brightness. The front camera offers a remarkably good resolution to Selfie artists may forward. Four photo modes are available: passport photo machine, camera, Selfie and split recording. The split recording feature take photos a picture with the front and rear of each and connects them. Passport photo links equal to four photos to a machine. Practical: You don’t have to search functions, but you change the mode by across wipe enabled camera app with a finger over the display.

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At home you radio via WLAN (a/b/g/n), however, the current ac standard is missing here. Mobile surf with LTE (LTE cat 4) speed up to 150 megabits per second on the net. Also on board: micro-USB port (2.0), Bluetooth 4.0, location tracking via GPS and GLONASS, as well as NFC. 16 GB internal memory can also be via microsd card up to 128 gigabytes expand.


HTC desire 820 is equipped with a 2,600 mah-wide rechargeable battery, which is firmly installed in the device. The manufacturer according to the steam is talk time and 455 hours of standby time the Phablet 17.8 hours. Whether the device actually so long, clarifies a lab test of the editorial in the near future.