Interstate 190 and 195 in Massachusetts


Begin Worcester
End Leominster
Length 19 mi
Length 31 km
0 → Hartford / Boston1 Worcester

2 North Worcester

3 Greendale

4 West Boylston

5 Oakdale

6 Sterling

7 Leominster

8 Leominster

Interstate 190 or I -190 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Massachusetts. The highway forms a north-south route in the center of the state, from the city of Worcester to Leominster. The route is 31 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The junction MA-2/I-190 in Leominster.

The highway begins on the north side of the city of Worcester, where it branches off Interstate 290. The highway then runs with 2×3 lanes to the north through a business park. Soon after, you leave the agglomeration and enter a hilly and wooded area. The highway then quickly narrows to 2×2 lanes and passes over the countryside of central Massachusetts. One then reaches the town of Leominster where I-190 ends at SR-2, the highway from Greenfield to Boston.


The highway has been planned since the 1970s to connect the larger city of Worcester with the regional city of Leominster and Fitchburg. The highway was opened in April 1983.

Traffic intensities

Daily 73,000 vehicles drive north of I-290 in Worcester, dropping to 36,000 vehicles on the outskirts of town and 49,000 vehicles at the end of the highway in Leominster.

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Interstate 195 in Massachusetts

Get started Seekonk
End Wareham
Length 35 mi
Length 57 km
Rhode Island1 Seekonk

2 Warren


4 West Fall River

5 → Taunton

6 Downtown Fall River

7 Fall River

8 → Newport

9 → Boston

10 North Westport

11 Westport

12 Smith Mills

13 → Taunton

14 New Bedford

15 New Bedford

16 New Bedford

17 New Bedford

18 Fairhaven

19 Mattapoisett

20 Marion Center

21 Wareham

22 → Outer Bypass

Interstate 195 or I -195 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Massachusetts. The highway forms an east-west route in the south of the state, running from Seekonk near Providence through the port cities of Fall River and New Bedford to Interstate 495 at Wareham. The route is 57 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-195 at Seekonk, just east of Providence.

The Charles M. Braga Junior Memorial Bridge in Fall River.

Interstate 195 in Rhode Island crosses the Massachusetts border at Seekonk and then runs parallel to the Rhode Island border to the east. After a few miles, you reach the town of Fall River, where you cross SR-24, a highway to Boston. Not far after that, you reach the town of New Bedford, where you cross SR-140, which also heads north. I-195 then parallels Buzzards Bay to Interstate 495 at Wareham. I-495 forms a large ring road around Boston. One can also take SR-25 eastwards, a highway toward Cape Cod.


The Washington Bridge over the Seekonk River in Providence is the oldest part of what became I-195, and opened to traffic on September 25, 1930. In 1968 a second parallel bridge was opened. In November 1958, the first highway section in Providence opened to traffic. In the fall of 1964, the interchange with I-95 opened to traffic. On December 15, 1959, a two-mile stretch opened in East Providence. In August 1960 this section was extended into Massachusetts. On 28 March 1961 a 3 kilometer section opened to Swansea, and on 20 June 1966 an extension opened to Somerset. On August 8, 1967, a section of some 20 kilometers to New Bedford opened. In 1972 the easternmost section between New Bedford and Wareham opened to traffic.

The route in downtown Providence was very winding, and the interchange with I-95 substandard. This section has been replaced by a new route, which was opened in 2009. This project is called the Iway.

Traffic intensities

Every day 80,000 vehicles drive on the border with Rhode Island and 82,000 vehicles west of Fall River. 76,000 vehicles and 65,000 vehicles passed through Fall River between Fall River and New Bedford. 65,000 vehicles passed through New Bedford and 27,000 vehicles passed the end of the highway at Wareham.

Interstate 195 in Massachusetts