Interstate 264 and 464 in Virginia


Get started Chesapeake
End Virginia Beach
Length 25 mi
Length 40 km
  • 1 → Hampton Roads Beltway2 Greenwood Drive
  • 3 Victory Boulevard
  • 4 Portsmouth Boulevard
  • 5 Frederick Boulevard
  • 6 South Street
  • 7 Effingham Street
  • Downtown Tunnel
  • 8 → Chesapeake
  • 9 Downtown Norfolk
  • 10 Downtown Norfolk
  • 11 Campostella Road
  • 12 Ballentine Boulevard
  • 13 Military Highway
  • 14 → Richmond
  • 15 Newtown Road
  • 16 Witchduck Road
  • 17 Independence Boulevard
  • 18 Rosemont Road
  • 19 Lynnhaven Parkway
  • 20 Virginia Beach Boulevard
  • 21 First Colonial Road
  • 22 Birdneck Road

Interstate 264 or I -264 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Virginia. The highway forms an east-west route in the metropolitan area of ​​Norfolk, from Chesapeake in the west to the vast suburb of Virginia Beach. The route is 40 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The Berkley Bridge in Norfolk.

The highway begins on the west side of the suburb of Chesapeake, at an interchange with Interstate 64 and Interstate 664. I-64 forms the southern beltway and then curves toward Richmond, while I-664 continues through Suffolk to Newport News and Hampton. I-264 heads east and initially has 2×2 lanes. One then reaches the city of Portsmouth, where the highway widens to 2×3 lanes. You then pass the center of that city and through the Downtown Tunnel you go under the Elizabeth River and then immediately cross the Interstate 464and then crosses the Landing River via Berkley Bridge and enters the city of Norfolk, which has a population of 234,000. After this, 2×4 lanes will be available, including an HOV lane.

On the east side of Norfolk, Interstate 64 is crossed for the second time, which leads to Hampton and Richmond. The highway will then have 2×5 lanes and will reach the largest city in the conurbation, the suburb of Virginia Beach. One then comes along a commercial and industrial corridor through the city and passes an air force base. Further east, the road narrows slowly to 2×4 and 2×3 lanes. The highway ends at Parks Avenue just before Virginia Beach.

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In 1952 the Downtown Tunnel, a toll tunnel under the Elizabeth River between Portsmouth and southern Norfolk, opened. This was a two-lane single-tube tunnel. At the same time, the single-lane Berkley Bridge was also opened between south Norfolk and downtown. The second tube was completed in 1988 and the tunnel became toll-free. In 1991 the Berkeley Bridge was widened to 8 lanes.

The highway between Norfolk and Virginia Beach was originally constructed as the Virginia Beach Expressway, a 12-mile toll road that opened on December 1, 1967. The highway became toll-free in 1996 and has been numbered as I-264 since 1999, before that as State Route 44.

The western part from Bowers Hill in Chesapeake via Portsmouth and Norfolk is built directly as Interstate 264. On December 29, 1964, the first section of this opened for 10 kilometers from I-64 to Des Moines Ave in Portsmouth. In December 1966, an extension to the Downtown Tunnel opened. On December 1, 1967, the eastern portion of I-264 opened through Norfolk for 6 kilometers. On July 1, 1972, the section through downtown Norfolk opened, completing the route, except for the two-lane Downtown Tunnel between Portsmouth and Norfolk. In April 1988 the second tube of the Downtown Tunnel opened and in July 1991 the second Berkeley Bridge in Norfolk, completing the highway in its current form. In 2013, rush hour lanesrealized in both directions between Rosemont Road in Virginia Beach and I-64 in Norfolk.

The interchange between I-64 and I-264 in Norfolk.

Between 2013 and 2016, the Downtown Tunnel was renovated. This was part of a large package of modernizations of fixed river crossings in the Hampton Roads region, which also includes the doubling of the Midtown Tunnel. This project is paid for with a toll, but no toll is charged in the Downtown Tunnel itself. State Route 164 (MLK ​​Freeway) has also been extended southwards and connects with I-264 in Portsmouth with a junction.

Traffic intensities

West of Norfolk, the highway is less busy with 80,000 vehicles per day. In Norfolk, this rises to 120,000 vehicles and 200,000 vehicles in Virginia Beach.

Interstate 464 in Virginia

Get started Chesapeake
End Norfolk
Length 6 mi
Length 9 km
1 → Richmond2 Military Highway

3 Freeman Avenue

4 Poindexter Street

5 Main Street

6 → Portsmouth / Virginia Beach

Interstate 464 or I -464 is a short Interstate Highway in the US state of Virginia. The highway forms a 9-kilometer north-south route through the Hampton Roads region, between Chesapeake and Norfolk.

Travel directions


I-464 is a continuation of State Route 168 and begins at the interchange with I-64 and US 17. The highway has 2×3 lanes and heads north through the town of Chesapeake, which is not very densely built. The highway parallels the Elizabeth River to downtown Norfolk, where I-464 ends with I-264.


On May 31, 1967, the first section opened in Chesapeake, as a link between I-64 and US 13. This section was barely 1 kilometer long. In July 1987, the highway was extended 6 miles north through Chesapeake, and in May 1989 the northernmost portion of the route opened to I-264 in Norfolk.

Traffic intensities

The highway is not exactly busy with a maximum of 50,000 vehicles per day.

Interstate 464 in Virginia