Interstate 275 and 296 in Michigan


Get started monroe
End Farmington Hills
Length 35 mi
Length 56 km
→ Toledo / Detroit2 Telegraph Road

5 Carleton

8 Flat Rock

11 Brooks

13 New Boston

15 Eureka Road

17 → Chicago / Detroit

20 Ecorse Road

22 Michigan Avenue

25 Ford Road

28 Ann Arbor Road

29 → Ann Arbor / Detroit

Interstate 275 or I -275 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Michigan. The freeway forms a partial bypass along the Detroit metropolitan area. The highway splits off Interstate 75 at Monroe just south of the metro area and continues along the western suburbs to Interstate 96 at Farmington Hills. The route is 56 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-275 at I-94 near the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

Just north of the town of Monroe on Lake Erie, I-275 branches off from Interstate 75, which runs from Toledo to Detroit. I-275 then has 2×3 lanes and follows a northerly direction, while I-75 follows a northeasterly direction. One then enters the first suburb of Detroit, namely Romulus, which mainly consists of the Detroit International Airport, which is located on the highway. It also crosses Interstate 94, the highway from Chicago to Detroit. The highway then maintains 2×3 lanes as you drive through the suburb of Canton.

You then reach the suburb of Livonia, which has 100,000 inhabitants. This is where Interstate 96 enters from the north and heads east toward downtown Detroit. I-96 and I-275 are double-numbered below. West is State Route 14, the highway to Ann Arbor. The I-96/I-275 will then have 2×4 lanes as you pass through the west of Livonia. This leads to the suburb of Farmington Hills, which has a population of 80,000. Here you come to a major interchange where I-275 ends. Interstate 96 heads west toward Lansing and Grand Rapids, while Interstate 696 heads east toward the suburb of Warren. To the southeast goes State Route 5, which then becomes Grand River Avenue to Detroit. State Route 5 also heads north to West Bloomfield.

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I-275’s route was first planned in 1955 as a Detroit bypass, which would begin and end at I-75. This route would be shorter for through traffic, which would then not have to drive through downtown Detroit. In the 1950s there were also ideas to have I-75 form the bypass and use the number I-275 for the route through Downtown Detroit.

Initially, the southern portion of I-275 was included in the Interstate Highways plan. In 1968, the Michigan Department of Transportation also applied for the northern section, it was hoped it could be included in the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1968, but was ultimately rejected, giving Michigan funding for only a half-bypass.

The construction of the highway started in the early 1970s and was then opened in phases fairly quickly between 1975 and 1977. The plans for the northern part were no longer developed. This was planned to be approximately 28-30 miles between I-96 and I-75 at Clarkston. In that period, this area was a not yet fully urbanized area that still had many forests and lakes. Although I-275 is no longer built here, the area has become urbanized.

Opening history

from nasty length date
Exit 25 Canton Exit 29 I-96 (Plymouth) 6 km 00-00-1975
Exit 29 I-96 (Plymouth) Exit 165 I-96 (Farmington) 10 km 10-11-1976
Exit 0 I-75 Exit 2 Telegraph Road 3 km 00-1x-1976
Exit 2 Telegraph Road Exit 25 Canton 37 km 14-01-1977

Traffic intensities

Despite the 2×3 lanes in the southern part, the traffic volumes are low with 45,000 vehicles. Only at the airport does this increase to 98,000 vehicles. Further north the road gets busier, 127,000 at Canton and 192,300 vehicles on 2×4 lanes in Livonia.

Michigan Interstate 296

Get started Grand Rapids
End Grand Rapids
Length 4 mi
Length 6 km
86 → Holland87 Leonard Street

88 Ann Street

89 → Muskegon / Lansing

Interstate 296 is an unsigned Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Michigan. The highway is part of US 131 through the western city of Grand Rapids. I-296 includes US 131 between Interstate 196 in downtown and Interstate 96 on the north side of town. The length is 5.5 kilometers. This section has 2×3 lanes and runs along the Grand River.

Michigan Interstate 296