Interstate 291 and 384 in Connecticut

Interstate 291 in Connecticut

Begin Windsor
End Manchester
Length 6 mi
Length 10 km
1 → Hartford / Springfield2 Putnam Highway

3 Wilson


5 Tolland Turnpike

6 → Hartford / Boston

Interstate 291 or I -291 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Connecticut. The highway forms a northbound bypass to the city of Hartford. The route is 10 kilometers long.

Travel directions


The highway begins just north of Hartford at Interstate 91, the highway from New Haven to Springfield. The highway then has 2×2 lanes and crosses the Connecticut River. At Manchester, an eastern suburb of Hartford, the highway ends at Interstate 84, the highway to Worcester.

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I-291 was part of a 43-kilometer beltway planned in 1957 along the southwest, northwest, and northeast sides of Hartford. Together with the then-proposed I-491, this was to become a full beltway around Connecticut’s capital. In 1958, the Bissell Bridge over the Connecticut River opened to traffic, and the bridge and connecting sections were numbered State Route 291 in anticipation of the Interstate number. The highway was then 4 kilometers long. Construction of the rest of the eight-lane highway ran into legal difficulties, and most of the ring road was scrapped in 1979. It wasn’t until 1988 that construction began on the rest of the freeway between I-84 and I-91, which opened on September 22, 1994, 36 years after the Bissell Bridge opened. The rest were never built again.

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Traffic intensities

Every day, 47,000 to 61,000 vehicles travel on I-291.

Interstate 384 in Connecticut

Get started East Hartford
End Bolton
Length 9 mi
Length 14 km
1 → Hartford / Boston2 Manchester

3 Downtown Manchester

4 Highland Street

5 Bolton Center Road

Interstate 384 or I -384 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Connecticut. The motorway forms an eastern arterial road of the Hartford conurbation and is a bypass around the suburb of Manchester. The route is 14 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Interstate 384.

At East Hartford, I-384 branches off Interstate 84, the highway from Hartford to Worcester. The highway then has 2×4 lanes and passes along the suburb of Manchester. At the end of the highway it narrows to 2×3 and 2×2 lanes.


When a highway plan was drawn up in 1944, the US 6 Expressway from Hartford to Providence was incorporated. However, during the creation of the Interstate Highway system in 1956, this highway no longer existed. Despite this, the state of Connecticut wanted to build the connection. In October 1968, the route was still included in the highway plan, as I-84 from Hartford to Providence. The pre-existing I-84 from Hartford to Sturbridge in Massachusettshad to be renumbered to I-86. Construction of the motorway began in 1968, around Manchester and Willimantic. In 1971, the 12-kilometer section around Manchester, just east of Hartford, opened. The 10-kilometer section at Willimantic opened to traffic in 1973. The highway was scrapped in Rhode Island in 1979, and then Connecticut. In 1984, the route from Hartford to Sturbridge was renumbered I-84. The existing highway around Manchester was renumbered to I-384. The section around Willimantic was numbered as part of US 6.

When I-384 opened around Manchester it did not yet connect with I-84. Construction began on this link in 1984, and the interchange with I-84 was opened in phases in 1986 and 1994. Since then, no consideration has been given to building the rest of the highway to Providence.

Traffic intensities

31,000 to 58,000 vehicles drive on I-384 every day.

Interstate 384 in Connecticut