Interstate 35 in Minnesota


Begin Gordonsville
End Duluth
Length 301 mi
Length 485 km
  • Iowa2 125th Street
  • 5 Glenville
  • 8 South Albert Lea
  • 11 East Albert Lea
  • 12 Albert Lea
  • 13 → Sioux Falls / Chicago
  • 18 Clarks Grove
  • 22 Geneva
  • 26 Ellendale
  • 32 Litomysl
  • 40 → Mankato / Rochester
  • 41 Owatonna
  • 42 West Owatonna
  • 43 North Owatonna
  • 45 Clinton Falls
  • 48 Medford
  • 55 South Faribault
  • 56 West Faribault
  • 59 North Faribault
  • 66 Dundas
  • 69 Little Chicago
  • 76 New Market
  • 81 Lakeville
  • 84 South Apple Valley
  • 85 West Apple Valley
  • 86 162nd Street
  • 87 Crystal Lake Road
  • 88
  • 127
  • 129 Lake Drive
  • 131 Forest Lake
  • 132
  • 135 Wyoming
  • 139 Stacy
  • 143 Apache Trail
  • 147 North Branch
  • 152 Harris
  • 159 Rush City
  • 165 West Rock
  • 169 Pine City
  • 171 Henriette Road
  • 175 Beroun Crossing Road
  • 180 Brook Park
  • 183 Hinckley
  • 191 Sandstone
  • 195 Askov
  • 205 Willow River
  • 209 Sturgeon Lake
  • 214 South Moose Lake
  • 216 North Moose Lake
  • 220 The children
  • 227 Mahtowa
  • 235 Carlton
  • 237
  • 239 Scanlon
  • 242 Esko
  • 245 East Esko
  • 246 Elder’s Corner
  • 249 West Duluth
  • 250
  • 251 West Duluth
  • 252 Grand Avenue
  • 253
  • 254 27th Avenue
  • 255 → Superior
  • 256 Downtown Duluth
  • 258 21st Avenue
  • 259 London Road

Interstate 35 or I -35 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Minnesota. The highway forms a north-south route in the eastern half of the state, traveling from Gordonsville on the border with Iowa through Minneapolis and Saint Paul, a metroplex where I-35 splits into I-35W and I-35E, through to Duluth on Lake Superior to the north. The I-35 in Minnesota is 355 kilometers long (485 kilometers including the I-35E and I-35W).

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Travel directions

Southern Minnesota

I-35 at Albert Lea.

Interstate 35 in Iowa enters the state of Minnesota from Des Moines and enters the state of Minnesota at Gordonville. After 15 kilometers you reach Albert Lea, a small town best known for its interchange with Interstate 90, the east-west route of southern Minnesota. The US 65 and US 69 also connect here. This is followed by a 60-mile stretch across the flat prairies to the Minneapolis-St. Paul. The main place on this part of the route is the town of Owatonna, where the US 14 and US 218crosses. I-35 has 2×2 lanes and leads through monotonous meadows. There are many small lakes in Minnesota, but little of them is seen from I-35.

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Minneapolis – St. Paul Metroplex

The conurbation of Minneapolis and the twin city of St. Paul is quite large with many suburbs. At Apple Valley, I-35 splits into I-35 East and I-35 West. I-35 East passes through St. Paul, while I-35 West passes through Minneapolis.

Interstate 35 West

I-35W in Burnsville, south of Minneapolis.

See also Interstate 35W in Minnesota.

Around the fork of I-35, I-35W descends more than 100 meters from the Apple Valley suburb to the Burnsville suburb, overlooking the metropolitan region and the Minneapolis skyline in the distance. I-35W has 2×3 lanes here and crosses the Minnesota River. The highway then leads through the suburb of Bloomington, after which a junction with the ring road follows, here formed by Interstate 494. Shortly afterwards, in the Richfield suburb, a short confluence with State Route 62 follows , this section has a short parallel structure with 14 lanes. I-35W then carries 2×4 lanes to Downtown Minneapolis.

At the height of the center I-35W has a confluence with Interstate 94, this part also has a short parallel structure. I-35W then exits and crosses the Mississippi River on the east side of downtown via the Saint Anthony Falls Bridge. I-35W will then run in 2×3 lanes through the northern neighborhoods and suburbs of Minneapolis. At the level of the New Brighton suburb, there is a junction with Interstate 694, which forms the northern ring road of the conurbation. I-35W then curves northeast through less developed suburbs and exurbs before merging with I-35E again just before Forest Lake and continuing on I-35.

Interstate 35 East

See also Interstate 35E in Minnesota.

I-35E heads northeast from the fork at Apple Valley. The descent into the Minnesota River valley is more gradual here than at I-35W. The highway has 2×3 lanes and leads through the southern suburbs before crossing Interstate 494 at Mendota Heights. Via the Lexington Bridge one crosses the Mississippi River, this is still some distance from the center of St. Paul. I-35E then has a small-scale character with only 2×2 lanes to the center of St. Paul.

Near Downtown St. Paul, I-35E has a short confluence with Interstate 94, this section has 2×5 lanes without a parallel structure. In the north of St. Paul, I-35E is a more modern highway with 2×5, later 2×4 lanes. At the suburb of Little Canada, State Route 36 and Interstate 694 cross in quick succession. I-35E also has a short confluence with I-694 which has 2×5 lanes. I-35E then crosses the northern exurbs of St. Paul with 2×3, later 2×2 lanes, and then merges with I-35W at Forest Lake, before continuing north on I-35.

Northern Minnesota

I-35 in Duluth.

After the convergence of I-35E and I-35W, I-35 continues north in 2×3 lanes. US 8 exits at Forest Lake. I-35 then has 2×2 lanes and begins a nearly 200-kilometer stretch to the northern city of Duluth. This area leads through slightly sloping rural areas that become more densely forested to the north. There are mainly small towns on this route. I-35 runs parallel to the St. Croix River, which forms the border with Wisconsin. There are less important east-west routes in this region.

From Cloquet, I-35 curves east and US 2 joins just before Duluth . I-35 then descends to the town of Duluth, located on Lake Superior. US 2 then exits to Wisconsin, after which I-35 passes through the city of Duluth. First, Interstate 535 turns into Superior in Wisconsin. I-35 then leads directly past the center and has four tunnels here. I-35 also runs directly past Lake Superior here. In the north of Duluth, I-35 becomes State Route 61, which continues to Thunder Bay in Canada.

Interstate 35 in Minnesota