Interstate 405 and 182 in Washington


Get started tukwila
End Lynnwood
Length 30 mi
Length 49 km
  • → Tacoma / Seattle
  • 1 Valley Highway
  • 2 → Kent
  • 3 Talbot Road
  • 4 Renton
  • 5 NE Park Drive
  • 6 30th Street
  • 7 Lake Washington Boulevard
  • 9 Lake Washington Boulevard
  • 10 Coal Creek Parkway
  • 11 → Seattle / Spokane
  • 12 8th Street
  • 13 8th Street
  • 14 → Seattle / Redmond
  • 17 70th Street
  • 18 85th Street
  • 20 116th Street
  • 22 Juanita Woodville Way
  • 23 → Monroe
  • 24 195th Street
  • 26 Bothell-Everett Highway
  • 30 → Seattle / Vancouver

Interstate 405 or I -405 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Washington. The freeway forms an eastern bypass around Seattle. The road begins south of town near the SeaTac Airport and then loops around Lake Washington through the eastern suburbs north to join Interstate 5 at Lynnwood to Vancouver. The route is 49 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The I-405 near Bothell.

The express lanes of I-405.

The highway begins at the interchange with Interstate 5 and SR-518. I-5 leads to downtown Seattle and south to Portland. SR-518 connects SeaTac Airport and the suburb of Burien with I-5. You first drive east, past a huge business park, which is located in the city of Kent, and is considered the third largest industrial park in the United States. The highway has 2×3 lanes here. At the suburb of Renton, SR-167 ends at the highway, which is a bypassalong the southern suburbs, and runs south to Lakewood. The highway will also have 2×3 lanes thereafter, and this section ranks as the most congested section in Washington State. There are two regular lanes in each direction, plus an HOV lane. To the east, Mount Rainier is visible.

One then reaches the city of Bellevue, one of the largest suburbs of Seattle with 119,000 inhabitants. Here is the main interchange, which is with Interstate 90. This highway can take you to Spokane in the east of the state, or to Yakima. In the other direction, I-90 leads to downtown Seattle. The node is designed as a stack node. North of this, I-405 has 2×4 lanes. This area is a center in itself, with high-rise buildings. From Bellevue there are 2 express lanes in each direction as far as Woodinville. At Northrup, SR-520 turns west toward Seattle. You then pass through the suburb of Kirkland, and the buildings here become less dense. It is also not in a grid patternbuilt. At Bothell, SR-522 exits, heading northeast. From here there are 2×3 lanes available, and it leads to the north side of Lake Washington. I-405 turns northwest here, joining Interstate 5 at Lynnwood toward Vancouver. Straight ahead is the SR-525, which goes to the Boeing factories in Mukilteo.

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Construction of the Seattle Bypass began in the early 1950s. Between 1954 and 1957, the first 19 miles between Renton and Bothell on the east side was opened, and on September 3, 1965, the 6 mile section between Tukwila and Renton was opened on the south side of Seattle. Seattle. The northern portion of Bothell opened to I-5 in 1968. The highway was originally numbered State Route 405, and was renumbered I-405 in 1971. The road was then widened and modernized on the east side to 2×3 lanes. The route was modernized by Renton in the 1990s, the many bends were then straightened.


In 2003, the so-called Nickel Project started, which is funded by a 5 cents per gallon increase in excise tax and a tax increase on heavy trucks and a 0.3% increase in the tax charged on new cars, and includes a road widening plan along Seattle’s east side of I-405. Not all parts of the widening of I-405 have been funded yet.

Express lanes

Later, a switch was made to the construction of express lanes where tolls are levied. These are constructed between downtown Bellevue and I-5 at Lynnwood north of Seattle. The 27 km long express lanes opened on September 27, 2015. With dynamic toll collection, free-flow is always guaranteed. The use of express lanes was more than 3 times higher than expected in the first quarter.

There are two express lanes in each direction between NE 6th Street in Bellevue and NE 160th Street in Woodinville. Further north to I-5 is one express lane in each direction.

Traffic intensities

The road is busy and congested, with some 144,000 vehicles on the southeastern portion to 200,000 vehicles per day at Bellevue.

Interstate 182 in Washington

Begin Richland
End Pasco
Length 15 mi
Length 24 km
  • → Yakima / Hermiston
  • 3 Queensgate Drive
  • 4 Bypass Highway
  • 5 → Kennewick
  • 7 Road 100
  • 9 Road 68
  • 12 → Pasco
  • 12B 20th Avenue
  • 13 4th Avenue
  • 14
  • 15 Lewis Street

Interstate 182 or I -182 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Washington. The highway connects the Tri-cities of southern Washington with Interstate 82. The route is about 24 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The bridges of I-182 over the Columbia River.

The highway begins just west of Richland, and branches off Interstate 82. The highway then runs in 2×2 lanes east, passing Richland, through the Tri-cities conurbation, which has a population of some 192,000. At Richland the road turns to Kennewick. They then cross the wide Columbia River, before passing Pasco, where the highway ends on the east side of the city at US 395 and US 12. US 395 leads to Spokane, US 12 to Walla Walla.


The highway was opened to traffic in 1986.

Traffic intensities

Up to 50,000 vehicles use the highway every day, which means that the road is not very busy.

Interstate 182 in Washington