Interstate 89 in New Hampshire


Get started Concord
End Lebanon
Length 61 mi
Length 98 km
  • → Boston / Littleton1 Concord
  • 2 Concord
  • 3 West Concord
  • 4 Hopkinton
  • 5 Hopkinton
  • 6 Contoocock
  • 7 Contoocock
  • 8 Warner
  • 9 Warner
  • 10 Sutton
  • 11 Elkins
  • 12 New London
  • 12A Georges Mills
  • 13 Grantham
  • 14 Old NH 10
  • 15 Smith Pound
  • 16 Eastman Hill Road
  • 17 East Lebanon
  • 18 Lebanon
  • 19 West Lebanon
  • 20 West Lebanon
  • Vermont

Interstate 89 or I -89 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New Hampshire. The highway forms a diagonal north-south route in the west of the state, running from Interstate 93 at the capital Concord to the border with Vermont at Lebanon. The route is 98 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-89 east of Lebanon.

On the south side of the capital Concord, I-89 branches off Interstate 93, the highway that comes out of Boston. The highway has 2×2 lanes here and runs through a slightly hilly area to the northeast. Notably, I-89 runs further east here than Interstate 91, which is remarkable given the numbering system. At Hopkinton one crosses US 202, the main road from Concord to Keene. The area through which I-89 runs is densely wooded, and has lakes here and there. There are few exits, and the highway, like so many American highways, has a wide median strip. The highway slowly ascends to the north. The height differences are not really big. One does not pass places larger than a village. The largest town is located right on the border with Vermont and is Lebanon, where one crosses the US 4, which comes from Concord. At West Lebanon, I-89 crosses the Connecticut River, also the border with Vermont. Interstate 89 in Vermont then continues towards Burlington and Montreal.

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I-89 was originally planned as a route from Norwalk, Connecticut to the Canadian border. This was actually a second north-south connection between the New York and Montreal regions, parallel to I-87. However, the state of Massachusetts wanted a connection from Boston to Montreal, and in the late 1950s the plans were adjusted accordingly and I-89 became a more diagonal connection.

Almost nothing is known about the construction history of I-89. A large part of the highway was built in the mid-1960s. The section near Lebanon was opened around 1966. I-89 was already completed in New Hampshire in 1968.

Traffic intensities

I-89 is a quiet highway. At Concord, 36,000 vehicles drive per day, and this drops to 20,000 at Lebanon. It’s even lower halfway through.

Interstate 89 in New Hampshire