Is The Samsung Galaxy S4: octa-core, Full Hd And Mega-Smart!

The Galaxy S4 was presented Thursday night in New York. There are jelly bean and an abundance of software gimmicks as expected with a 4.99-inch super Amoled-FullHD display, Android 4.2.

Samsung a decent show performed at Radio City Music Hall to New York and presented the features of the S4 at a very fast pace, from a software gimmick, it went to the next, with dozens of actors and Samsung employees and-Chefs alternately.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes anyway, with the specs gemunkelten already for a long time and will be released end of April with us, yet no prices were mentioned. It’s like a 4.99 inch full HD display is obstructed, that ppi has a pixel density of 441. This can be controlled like the Nokia Lumia 920 even when wearing gloves. Under the

hood GHz-octa-core processor of the type of Samsung Exynos 5 octa or a 1.9 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, supported by a large amounts of RAM 2 GB works depending on the version either a 1.6. Is great like in the previous 16, 32 or 64 GB internal memory and you can extend externally via MicroSD up to 64 GB.

Misty black and frosty white

Design, very little has changed. The display takes up more space and margins are thinner, this are the sides into the metallic look. Colors are “white Frost” and “Black Myst” to choose from, the slightly shaded back makes sure a good slip resistance.

The cameras is in addition to a 2-megapixel front camera that can shoot full HD videos, on a 13-megapixel back camera with autofocus and LED Flash, and also full HD video function. The replaceable battery is 2,600 mAh heavily, are connection standards NFC, is Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / a / c, Bluetooth 4.0, MHL 2.0, infrared LED, GPS/GLONASS on board, in the grid depending on the version with UMTS and HSPA + (up to 42 MBit/s) or LTE (up to 100 MBit/s).

Dramatic footage and Babel fish function

Also the choice of operating system is not surprisingly, Android is installed in version 4.2.2. The Samsung UI comes for it with gimmicks of lots of. So, the cameras were equipped for example with a dual-camera recording function, so that images can be created, where the users themselves, as well as what he takes up, at the same time can be seen. When video calls, you can see even what captures just the rear of the other S4. With the “drama shot” you can record up to 100 shots in 4 seconds and blend it on the screen, with “Erase”, removing unwanted objects from images thanks to several recorded photos, and at “Sound Shot” you can tag the pictures with a spoken text. With “story album” can photo albums, for example on vacation, just created and provided with text, there’s even a service with which you can send a printed version to extract money.

Translated the “S translator” spoken to a text in another language, and vice versa, understands 9 languages and has 3000 integrated phrases. “Samsung Knox” is used to create separate private and business profiles, where documents, contacts etc. can be stored separately. “Homesync” is a new server or cloud service, a box that a Terrabyte offers space for up to eight participants (E.g. family members), images, videos, etc. to share. It connects the box via NFC the S4, a simple touch is enough.

Group sound and calorie counter

Up to 8 Galaxy can be connect S4 smartphones, to listen to music at the same time, for example, to building a 5.1 audio system with “Group Play”. Also multiplayer games and sharing files are possible. With “S voice drive” you can while driving a car give not only voice commands to the Navi program into the Smartphone, but also by language answer messages and accept incoming calls. With “Air Gesture”, the S4 can be operated, all without touching the appliance with your finger, “Floating” above the display is sufficient to accept calls to scroll through images, etc. The brightness of the display automatically adapts to your application to adapt display () and with “smart pause” can videos be paused or continued playing, when you then look away–or back from the screen. With smart scroll are texts scroll by itself, if you read at the end has arrived and automatically slightly tilts the Smartphone.

After all, is “smart switch” a program to transfer all data from the old Smartphone using the PC on the S4.Samsung hub is a centre which combines the previous music, video, reader, game and learning hub. “S health”, that already gave it as an app for the Samsung Galaxy S3 , accommodates all Smartphone users who want to pay attention to the character and offers a calorie meter now thanks to integrated pacemaker, to play a role in the feature the new temperature and humidity sensor. Via Bluetooth will communicate with the addition had blood pressure monitors etc. A new accessory is that ‘ S view cover “, a protective sleeve with transparent display, which releases the look in the notification bar.

Comment: Stimmiges all-round package without surprises

One can be said before the first test: Samsung once again opts for evolution instead of revolution. Major changes in the design or major technical surprises end, even if the hardware of course, plays with the high-end League and of the Smartphone competition Z Sony Xperia or HTC One is similar. While Sony gave the housing its flagship of I believe after more trouble (also thanks to dust & waterproof) and HTC uses in his device on innovative UI design, sound and camera, Samsung makes there continue where it left off with the S3. At the presentation, you could tell that the focus is clearly on the various software functions. Of which I found interesting Samsung Knox immediately, here it roams wild naturally clear BlackBerry represents maybe something like the last bastion where the separation of private and business profiles. Also S drive and Homesync may be of interest. Whether the whole other specials such as sound or camera gimmicks are really accepted, must show up yet.

Ultimately Samsung has a top device unveiled again, that his fans makes sure happy thanks to high-end hardware and bulky software applications, but may be more design friends will be happy when the competition.