Landline Phone Debacle Continues

When we switch to 2014, only about one in four Danes use landlines, according to a new analysis.

Skype, Facebook and other social media and, not least, the mobile phone has long given the old-fashioned fixed landlines battle to the line.

On small five years, the number of Danes with landline phone plummeted – from 83 to 58 percent. It writes the stock market.

And it does not suggest, according to an analysis conducted by Greens analyseinstitut for avissen, that this decline will change. Only about 44 percent of the Danes, who still have landline phone, expect to have it for a year. This means that only about 26 percent of Danes can call from a phone and wish happy new year in 2014.

The analysis also shows that we should expect a further 50% reduction in the coming five years, and it is the older people who keep the landline phone in live – 76 percent of the users are over 60 years of age.