Las Mejores Aplicaciones Android Back to School: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Gets the month of September, and with it the back to school. A phenomenon that goes beyond children and also reaching teens at the Institute and at the University. You need some to make holidays come to an end and is time to get out of our Android in our day to day in the classes and for jobs.

For this reason, in Xataka Android we wanted to create a special back to school with all kinds of applications so you can get more out of your smartphone and tablet in the academic world. In this first installment we will talk about applications of reference: the best dictionaries and encyclopedias for Android.

RAE Spanish Dictionary

Let’s start talking about one of the most basic. With the RAE Spanish dictionary can check the online version of the dictionary of the Royal Academy a very simple and intuitive. The search engine works perfectly and is very useful if we have connection.

However there is no possibility to download the online dictionary and We will always need Internet connection to use it. In any case this application perfectly fulfills its mission despite its simplicity. It is also free though it takes a long time without an update.

In the Android Market | RAE Spanish Dictionary

Offline Dictionaries

If we don’t have connection to the Internet and want to have downloaded our Android dictionaries we have Offline Dictionaries which, as its name indicates, It allows us to save different dictionaries to be used anytime. In addition to a Spanish Dictionary of wiktionary You can download several diccinarios translation, but this topic will talk about in another installment of this special.

The interface works perfectly and although it could be more elaborate fulfills its mission. In order to use Offline Dictionaries We have to download them necessarily and we can not insert between those who have downloaded and those that are available online. In addition some dictionaries as the Spanish are a bit if (49 MB).

Offline Dictionaries is free and it has advertising within the application. If we remove it, and support to its creator, we can buy the Pro version for 99 cents.

In the Android Market | Offline Dictionaries

ColorDict Dictionary

If Offline Dictionaries does not convince us, and we want an application that sandwich dictionaries offline with offline features ColorDict is an option to consider. In addition to online services such as Wikipedia, Wordnet or StarDict can download from Android Market additional dictionaries although the number available is rather short.

The application is very intuitive and when we seek a term it shows us in a list all the results from each source that you have configured or installed. Although the interface is improvable it is fully functional and is well designed. ColorDict Dictionary is available for free in the Android Market.

In the Android Market | ColorDict Dictionary

Wapedia, mobile wiki

We have seen three dictionaries and now we have to speak of applications that allow us to read the wikis, sources of more or less truthful knowledge but that they serve as a reference for later research on our own. One of these applications a project that has already long on the net: Wapedia.

With Wapedia We can consult any of the versions of Wikipedia and other wikis issues which, although they leave a little of the subject, in some cases can be quite useful and enriching. The free app works pretty well but is simply embedded web version and does not offer some options how to download articles.

In the Android Market | Wapedia


If Wapedia is left us a bit short and we want to Download any of the Wikipedias articles We have Wikidroid. An application that allows us to find articles on any of these pages and see it on our Android-optimized.

Both the free version and the payment allows us to download pages in the SD card and view them at any time. Like the rest of applications that we have seen is very simple but very well meets its mission. Do you want this kind of applications typically use? I like to always carry a dictionary and reader of Wikipedia up to any questions that may arise, or simply to read a wiki entry for learning something new.