LED Scroller Ultimate, Visual Messaging in Android

How many times we wanted to say something to someone who could not hear us but if you see? For example a car to another, in a nightclub or class… really few situations where this can be useful I can think of (well, Yes, for mobile boast to friends). LED Scroller Ultimate is an application that serves to this end, to send Visual messages to all who see your Android screen as if it were a scroll of LEDs.

The company that developed this application has several with the same goal, but the “Ultimate” version is the most complete. This application allows to change background and LEDs, font, colors and have saved messages for launching them be thing of a couple of keystrokes. Actually you can not ask more.

The only problem that I see in the application is that it is very focused that you buy the paid version. First, when you open asks you if you want to buy it, which is a nuisance. And then there are fonts and colors that are blocked for users who are using the free version. That Yes, when it is displaying the message, is not advertising, which is appreciated.

In short, a slightly silly application, to make grace with friends, and on rare occasions it may be really useful. If someone gets to flirt with her at a nightclub this summer that leave us your experience in the comments (keep a few compliments on the application).

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Led Scroller 1.2 Ultimateversion

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: DK Droid
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free / 2.13 euros
  • Category: Entertainment

Convert your mobile into a useful screen LED.